Friday, July 1, 2022
NewsExcited Gordon Ramsay shows off £200k Bond movie Land Rover

Excited Gordon Ramsay shows off £200k Bond movie Land Rover

GORDON Ramsay appears to have splashed out more than £200,000 on a special edition Land Rover defender as driven by Daniel Craig in Spectre.

The TV chef shared a clip of himself enthusing over the “beast” – which is one of only 10 bespoke vehicles that were made for the 24th Bond film.

The seller said the custom motor was part of “drive-by” scenes in the 2015 film, is in “perfect condition” and “the ultimate Defender”.

The 51-year-old describes the Land Rover Defender ‘SVX Concept’ as “beyond belief” and squeals in excitement – even joking that he is “James, Gordon James”.

Ramsay uploaded the footage to his instagram story yesterday afternoon.

The first clip begins with Ramsay zooming in on the Land Rover’s number plate which reads “P100 SPY” and has a small “Spectre 007” logo underneath.

The bespoke motor was being sold by Tom Hartley Jnr but is now listed as sold

Ramsay can be heard saying: “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with D.”

He zooms out to show the large military-style Land Rover complete with huge 37” Maxxis Trepador tyres – which are bolted on to the vehicle’s alloys and can cost over £430 each.

The chef continues to walk around the vehicle and says: “A Defender, beyond belief. And I mean beyond belief.”

Ramsay then heads around to the front of the vehicle – which even has a rope wrapped around the bonnet.

Sounding excited, the chef adds: “Look at this baby.”

In a second clip, Ramsay shows off the inside of the monstrous vehicle – but first he can’t resist joking around.

Focussing on the “Spectre 007” logo again, Ramsay jokes: “The name is James, Gordon James.”

He then laughs and says “Look at this beast” before he goes slightly high-pitched and squeals “Oh my Lord”.

Ramsay opens the drivers side door to show off the slick black leather interior – including a red and green button in the centre console.

He can be heard rhapsodising over the vehicle and saying “Seriously? Really? Oh Lord” as the clip ends.

The unique motor has only racked up 894 miles, is diesel powered and fitted with a roll cage.

Ramsay was gobsmacked by the “beast”

The Spectre Defenders are few and far between, and estimated to cost between £220,000 and £340,000 – a standard defender would only cost around £40,000.

One of the other nine vehicles sold for £230,000 in 2017, but it not known how much the vehicle Ramsay showed off was sold for.

Tom Hartley Jnr, a classic and specialist car seller, touted the rare model on their website but it is now marked as sold.

Tom said in the advert for the motor said: “The Spectre Defender we have here is presented in perfect condition, having been used only in drive-by scenes.

“It is UK road registered and has been driven just 894 miles from new. Accompanying the car is a range of papers documenting filming schedules and the high-end parts used in its construction.

“Not all of the Spectre Defenders survive today and the ones that do are not all road registered. The ultimate Defender.”


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