Monday, May 23, 2022
In Brief"Get the f*** along!" Mum puts fighting kids in same nightie in...

“Get the f*** along!” Mum puts fighting kids in same nightie in bid to stop holiday squabbling

A HARASSED mother has posted a hilarious picture of her warring children bound together in the same nightie – emblazoned with the words: “Get the f*** along.”

Vicki Bowles was so sick of the pair’s summer holiday dawn-to-dusk fighting that she decided to take drastic measures.

Jaiden, 10, and his sister, Lula, 5, were ordered to share the grey nightie for an hour.

Vicki from Bedminster, Bristol, had scrawled her uncompromising message across the front in black marker pen.


Once freed, the pair were warned by Vicki that they’d be straight back in the “Get the f*** along T-shirt” together should hostilities resume.

Speaking today, Vicki said: “I’ve frankly had enough of them arguing all the time.

“We are out and about all the time and they have been doing loads of holiday clubs while I work so haven’t had time to be bored.”

She added: “They are lucky children, they get to do so much and should appreciate it but as soon as we are at home they argue and fight constantly.

“Yesterday I needed a day in as it was raining and to catch up on everything but they decided as per normal from 6am they would argue and fight and I’d had enough.”


Vicki said the children started an argument after being freed from the nightie.

“I grabbed the shirt again and they ran away from me,” she said. “They spent another 15 minutes in it in the afternoon after bickering non-stop while I was cooking after that they spent the rest of the day apart so I it worked to a extent I guess.”

Vicki added: “I even tried separating the bedroom they share but still they argue.

“I’ve only just had to stop separating them at dinner and tea time as it was like feeding time at the zoo with the grunting and screaming at each other.

Vicki with the kids.

“We are halfway through the school holidays thankfully. I shall be at the school gates a day early at this rate.”

Vicki posted the photograph onto her Facebook page yesterday (wed)- attracting dozens of comments from humoured friends and social media users.

Alan Raynbird wrote: “Brilliant. This wins the internet for today.

“Forget the naughty step. I reckon this is far more effective! “

Kaz Higgins said: “F*ing mint. They do not look happy.”

Gemma Grinnall wrote: “Brilliant. I need one.”

And Tyron Smith said: “Lmfao it’s their faces though.”

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