“Magical”: Scot captures most stunning image of Eilean Donan Castle – while lying on airbed in tent


A SCOTS photographer captured the most stunning image of Eilean Donan Castle after camping all night to get the perfect shot.

Craig Donovan pitched up his tent in a car park across from the building last Friday (Aug 3) so he could capture the moment the lights on the castle reflected on the water below.

After waiting for all the visitors to leave, and the sun to set, Craig lay on his airbed inside his cosy tent to capture the castle looking like it was basking in gold as it illuminated against the night sky.

The 38-year-old managed to capture the incredible moment just in time as the Highland castle lights are supposedly turned off at midnight.

Craig’s photo was a hit on Facebook

Craig, from Dundee, uploaded the picture to Facebook on Wednesday where it has since attracted thousands of likes.

He captioned the image: “View from our tent last Friday at Eilean Donan.

“Had to be up sharp before the tourists flocked in.”

The post attracted dozens of comments from people who were in awe of the image.

Rory Brian said: “Craig, epic photo.”

Hazel Clark Wills wrote: That certainly lives up to the term a room with a view. Amazing, great shot.

Andrea Sievewright said: “No alarm clock needed with this view, what a way to wake up.”

Craig says he is an avid camper

Sylvia Alden wrote: “Fantastic photo.”

Sheena Jeffrey said: “Magical. Looks like your floating.”

Jackie Johnston Van Liew wrote: “That sight would make camping worthwhile.”

Speaking today (fri), Craig says he is an avid camper and usually camps in a hammock throughout Scotland.

He added: “Last trip was with my friend Heather Anderson, I was showing her the north west coast for the first time.

“It’s my favourite place to be in Scotland so the view is a chart topper for me.

“I’ve visited the castle five or six times but that latest view was by far the best.

“Lying down on the air bed and looking out at it was spectacular.”

Eilean Donan Castle is one of Scotland’s most famous sites and featured in 1986 cult film, Highlander.

The 13th century was destroyed in 1719 by government ships at the time of the Jacobite rebellions and was rebuilt in the early 20th century,

The historic site welcomed 540,000 visitors last year and was awarded a five-star visitor attraction rating by VisitScotland.

He has also taken other photos of the historical site