Friday, May 27, 2022
NewsMoment bizarre crash between two tractors blocks road with tonnes of hay

Moment bizarre crash between two tractors blocks road with tonnes of hay

BIZARRE footage shows a low-speed crash on a roundabout – between two tractors both carrying huge loads of hay.

One of the trailers overturns, sending tonnes of hay crashing into the other trailer and knocking most of its load on to the road.

The crash, which happened near Sudbury, Derbyshire, on Monday, earned the at-fault tractor driver a stern warning from police.

James Chadbourne, a lorry driver with Protrade Tools and Fixings, captured the incident on his dashcam.


The video shows the first tractor and trailer, in the outside lane, emerge from the right.

As the tractor comes fully into view it becomes clear an almost identical tractor and trailer is just behind in the inside lane.

The second tractor is clearly going too fast for the roundabout and topples over. It is so close to the other tractor its load of hay manages to knock off the other load.

Traffic then grinds to a halt as the spillage blocks the carriageway.

Protrade Tools and Fixings captioned the video, which has been viewed 800,000 times: “#DashCam footage from one of our vans yesterday! Travel chaos on the A50 near Doveridge.”

On social media, Haz Ronald said: “That’s what happens when you give kids big heavy vehicles.”

Chris Tucker said: “Needs to be taught manners and road sense, they are not the only drivers on the on the road, should be booked. And retake a driving test.”

David Ganger Bumpass: said: “Looks like he was trying to race up the inside of him.”

Mick Greenall commented: “And that’s what happens when you put your trailer wheels on the Kerb and cut the roundabout, and then just add a little speed, brilliant recipe for disaster.”

Nick Creber said: “D******d farmers racing.”

Highways England warned drivers on social media of the traffic delays the spillage would cause.

They tweeted: “A50 westbound Doveridge Bypass between the A515 junctions near Sudbury closed to facilitate the removal of the shed load of hay bales from an earlier overturned trailer.

“Traffic being diverted via Main Road through Sudbury. Allow plenty of extra time. Very long delays.”

Derbyshire Police said today: “The driver of the tractor was given a warning for driving without due care and attention.

“No further action has been taken.”

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