Van Gogh look-a-like breaks world record of most portraits in 12 hours

Megan and Natalie together were portrait number 164 and 165, which broke last years record.

VINCENT Van Gogh look-a-like Walter DeForest yesterday broke his own world record of 163 portraits within 12-hours.

The record now stands at 166 portraits, after a long stint on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile amid the Fringe Festival crowds.

He invited festival-goers to have their portrait drawn to help him complete a world record hat-trick.

This is the third year the New York-based, Van Gogh performer, has staged the portrait marathon in aid of Support in Mind Scotland and to raise mental health awareness.

DeForest broke his record at 19:15, doing portrait 164, and 165 together for friends Megan and Natalie.

The artist began his marathon task at 8am, and despite the rain he finished portrait number 166 at 19:24 with plenty of time to spare. Next year he hopes to beat this record again.

Photo: Katherine Cassidy

The total sum of money raised for Support in Mind Scotland is still unclear at this time at this time

Walter DeForest has been acting for 25 years, and has been ‘becoming Van Gogh’ for four.

Speaking yesterday Deforest said: “August 10th is my mothers birthday, so I do this on that date every year for Support in Mind Scotland in order to commemorate her.

“Van Gogh was buried on the same date that I was born, July 30th. And I’ve read and studied all of his letters and Adeline Ravoux’s memoir about him and feel I really become him for my show.

“I never used to draw or paint, but as my show has developed, so have I and now it’s an integral part of the Van Gogh I become.”

DeForest becomes Van Gogh in his Fringe show Van Gogh Find Yourself #vgfy Based upon the letters of Vincent and brother Theo, and Adeline Ravoux’s memoirs of Vincent’s stay in Auvers-sur-Oise, aiming to set the record straight on a true artist’s personal struggle for humanity while creating art.

Support in Mind Scotland aim to improve the quality of life for anyone whose mental health problems or mental illness has a serious impact on their life and on the lives of others, including family members, friends and supporters.

Van Gogh Find Yourself #vgfy is on between the 11th and 25th of August at the Natural Food Kafe, 55 Clerk Street, Edinburgh, at 3.40pm and is part PBH’s Free Fringe.

For more info on DeForest’s Fringe show click here.