Brilliant moment four grans do perfect synchronised dance in middle of Glasgow


AMAZING footage captured the moment four Scottish grannies broke into a spontaneous synchronised dance in the middle of Glasgow.

The four women, all from the city and in their 80s, were going to an event when they heard a band busking nearby.

They immediately started dancing while an excited crowd watched and cheered them on as they keep in perfect time with the beat.

The women in the clip – Sadie Henderson, Sadie McCartan, Flora McFadgyen and Edith Mcatear – are all part of group who take part in a weekly line dancing class in their local community centre in Possilpark.

Four grannies entertaining an audience in Glasgow

Pal Ann Lawrence, also from Glasgow, filmed the four in Merchant City on Sunday afternoon.

The clip has already been viewed over 95,000 times and hundreds of social media users have complimented the women on their moves.

Ann, 53, uploaded the clip to Facebook with the caption: “This is the best street performance I’ve ever witnessed and blessed to call them my besties.”

The footage begins with the four women in formation outside of the City Merchant bar in Candleriggs.

The clip has around 100,000 views

Sadie Henderson, in pink, and Flora McFadgyen, in white, hold the front – while pals Sadie McCartan, in black, and Edith Mcatear, in light pink, are in position behind them.

While the band provided a funky tune, the four women provided a show-stopping performance in the three-minute-long clip.

They walk forward, take steps back and turn in time to the music – all fully synchronised.

Shopping bags and handbags still on their arms, the women groove and side-step while a crowd of onlookers gather.

The women smile and wave as the crowd cheer them on, moving from side to side and keeping in time.

As the clip ends, Ann turns the camera around to show the extent of the large crowd that had gathered to cheer the women on.

Social media users loved their moves

The clip has amassed over 176,000 views since Sunday, and social media users were quick to share their awe at the foursome’s moves.

Rhea McFarlane wrote: “This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

Becky McLaughlin joked: “Reckon they would give us a run for our money.”

Jemma Mccracken said: “I love this, how cute.”

Carol Joan Weir added: “Well done ladies, loved it.”

Speaking today, Ann Lawrence, who filmed the clip, said: “There were a group of around 10 of us from who had went to a big band event in Candleriggs that was on from two to five.

“After we left, we heard a band playing in the street and the ladies just started dancing.

“It was completely unplanned, totally spontaneous. I’m blessed to call them my friends, they put on a good show.

“They put me to shame.”

She added: “They are part of a group called the Girl Rockers who meet every Monday at Possilpoint Community Centre. They love line dancing and they meet up and have a cup of tea and a chat, it’s all about combating loneliness.

“There are around 20 of them in the group in total, their ages range from around 50 plus, but the oldest member is nearly 90.”