Photo of “pink and red blobs” carpeting Highland countryside prompts claims of Alien Life Form


A BIZARRE photo showing pink and red blobs scattered across a Scottish mountain has led to widespread speculation that it could be an “Alien Life Form.”

Helen Dow, 50, uploaded the picture to Facebook last Tuesday (August 7) and has since kicked off a huge debate as to what is in the picture.

Taken from near Loch Etchachan in the Cairngorms, it appears to show a beige coloured body with red strands coming of it and flowing into the burn its laid upon.

The weirdly shape on the grass has kicked off a huge debate on social media

This has prompted several claims that the unidentified object could be an alien, a lost yeti or even a unicorn attack.

The support worker, from Huntly, Aberdeenshire, posted the photo online in an attempt to try to solve the mystery.

She said: “Calling all experts, animal, vegetable or mineral or possibly an A.L.F? Anyone help? Spotted whilst wandering through the Cairngorms.

“Had to zoom in for closer inspection, but still confused and somewhat perplexed.”

The post received nearly 100 comments with people trying seriously, and not so seriously, to guess what the figure might be.

Helen Dow, 50, came across something very peculiar whilst hiking

Gilbert Allsop commented: “Remains of a unicorn attack.”

Ian R. McSherry said: “Something very decomposed and partially eaten. Wouldn’t want to be drinking that water without a proper filter.”

John Stewart said: “Thur been a murder.”

Lynn Valentine said: “It’s an alien.”

However, one person seemed to guess a more suitable answer as to what they strange object may be.

Gregor Logan said: “Red Spahgnum peat moss. Green Spahgnum turns white in warm conditions when all the moisture is evaporated.”

Helen is still no closer to finding out what the thing is.

Speaking today, Helen confirmed that that the debate as to what it may be, continues.

She said: “I’m still none the wiser, it’s so weird I’ve studied the photo at great length almost convincing myself that it’s not an animal, well im 99% convinced.

“All we wanted was to refill the water bottle, but when we saw this we filled up elsewhere, it would’ve meant a fair trek down to study it at length.

“I posted the picture on various pages to see if i could get some answers, it’s certainly got the folks talking.”