Scots lads in Ibiza approach one million views with hilarious “oan the nightshift” clip



SCOTS lads on holiday have racked up nearly one million views with their hilarious “oan the night shift” parody.

The group of lads can be seen drinking and singing away to dance music in their hotel room.

Their pal Arran Weir, from Kilwinning, North Ayrshire, had managed to squeeze himself into the top part of the wardrobe.

While Arran’s pals enjoyed their pre-drinks, the Scot couldn’t resist making his own parody of the phrase which has proved popular in many Scottish banter videos.

Sticking his head out of the wardrobe compartment, the baseball cap-wearing Scot bellows “Ho, I’m oan the f****** night shift!”

Cameron Lockhart, also from Kilwinning, uploaded the clip to Twitter on Saturday night.

The 12-second clip has already been viewed a staggering 946,000 times and looks set to reach one million views.

Over 5,600 users have retweeted the clip while 17,000 people have like it.

The clip begins with Cameron filming the hotel room full of friends who were getting ready to head out to The Highlander – a Scottish pub in the popular Spanish resort.

The lads sit around and enjoy a pre-night out bevvy, with one Scot in a red t-shirt enthusiastically singing along to the loud dance beat.

Another lad can be seen waving his arm in the air in time to the song, while his other pals sit calmly.

Suddenly, Arran slides open the compartment above the wooden wardrobe to reveal himself.

The group of lads can be seen drinking and singing away to dance music in their hotel room.

When he appears he immediately shouts: “Ho, I’m oan the f****** night shift.”

Arran then retreats back into the compartment and slams the sliding door shut – while his friends burst into laughter.

On social media, Holly said: “I’ll be the one in the wardrobe.”

Joe Hopkinson wrote: “Killed me.”

Ellie Robinson added: “Am howlin.”

Luke Parker commented: “This is class.”

While Luke Trowbridge said: “Never saw that coming.”

Speaking today, Cameron, 19, who filmed the clip, said: “It was about 11pm, before we went to The Highlander. We were in Ibiza on a lads holiday.”

Asked if he was aware of Arran’s plans, he replied: “Yes, we did know he was there.”

In June this year, a local resident on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh went viral after he fumed at busking bagpipers.

The video captured the man hanging out of his window, before bellowing at the bagpiper that he was “oan the nightshift”.

The clip has so far been viewed over 2.5m times since it was uploaded on June 5.