Bizarre moment cow on the run emerges from a public loo


HILARIOUS footage shows the moment a rogue cow suddenly emerged from a public toilet.

The heifer had escaped from a nearby farm and briefly hid out in a gents on Shetland before deciding to make a break for it.

Yvette Hopkins filmed what she admitted was one of the strangest things she’d ever seen – despite working for years as a US Army intelligence officer.

Yvette, 52, lives in Bigton and was volunteering at the community shop, when the bizarre incident unfolded.

Her footage begins focusing on the public toilets, which are situated directly across the road from the shop.

The heifer emerges from the public toilets

A loud “moo” can be heard in the background as the woman filming walks towards the toilets.

The woman filming can be heard saying: “Ok, the escaped bull has now gone into the toilets.”

While she is talking the confused light-brown heifer appears in the toilet and heads to make a hasty exit.

The heifer trips over a barrier at the toilet entrance, stumbles and then runs off.

Yvette can be heard saying “No lie, oh, poor dude” as the heifer speeds down the road.

Yvette says its one of the strangest things she’s ever seen.

Bigton Community Shop uploaded the clip to their Facebook page with the caption: “Bull in the Bog.

“Never know what you might see at your local shop.”

On social media, Brogan Watt wrote: “Standard day in Shetland.”

Ryan Arcus added: “They gotta go when they gotta go.”

Mary Andreas joked: “The animals in Bigton are so well brought up.”

David Smith commented: “Clever fellow using the Gents’ side.”

While Lucy Lawson said simply: “This is awesome.”

One user commented: “Standard day in Shetland.”

Speaking today, Yvette, whose mother was from Shetland, said: “It was my turn to volunteer in the shop, we all take turns and it is mostly ran by volunteers.

“I was ringing up a gentleman’s items when he went ‘Oh, there’s a cow’.

“So we went outside, and there she was frolicking in the street. She’s a teenage cow so she was doing what teenage cows do.

“We know the farm well that he comes from, they have just won an award and are very well respected, so someone ran off to tell them what had happened.

“But as they were doing that, I saw her go into the toilet and I caught her coming back out again.

“No-one was frightened, she was just enjoying herself. She made off down the road, took a left, and went home.”

Asked if she had ever seen a cow come out of a toilet while she travelled the world, Yvette replied: “Never. Not even in India.”

The footage emerged only three years after a rampaging bull caused chaos in Lerwick.

In June 2015, two people were taken to hospital after they were knocked over by a bull loose in Lerwick to the north of the island.

A woman in her 70s and a man in his 40s suffered minor injuries during the incident when the bull knocked them over – and trampled the man.

It is thought that the bull escaped from a field before wandering into the town.