COMEDY – Craicling is comedy at it’s best

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[star rating =5/5]

Foil, Arms and Hogg packed out McEwan Hall on the 14th night of their Edinburgh run with Craicling. A banner of their familiar pig logo dressed the stage, along with a guitar and a crash symbol.

The three Irish lads start their sketch show by having the audience sing them on to the stage. Their blend of comedy, music and acting begins with a confetti cannon and they take the audience on a journey through crystal maze, dealing with a keyboard gangster, ordering take-out and the correct way to hold a baby; ending each sketch with a thud on the symbol.

What’s it all about? Who really knows the answer, but the accents were amazing, the audience were laughing hysterically and the SFX were flawless.

Foil, Arms and Hogg draw on adult silliness, and one poor man’s umbrella, to connect with the room – despite the pillars sometimes getting in the way. They had a particularly strong use of improv and audience interaction which really authenticated their comedy.