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Hilarious moment racers on mini motorbikes crash – and then dash for a medal

HILARIOUS video shows two riders on mini motorbikes crash just metres from the finish line – and then make a desperate dash for third place.

But one of the riders then slips in the wet as he tries to carry his tiny bike across the line, costing him a medal.

The bizarre incident happened at the Glan y Gors Park circuit, Conwy, on Saturday as riders battled it out in the Cool FAB Racing British Championships senior minimoto.

On the last corner of the race circuit it was neck and neck between three riders.

Rider Ryan Grant was on the outside of the track but as he tried to cut in front of his rivals to seal second place he slipped on the wet surface and brought down fellow motorcyclist Will Howarth.

Both riders picked themselves and their bikes up and began sprinting towards the chequered flag.

But Ryan slips and crashes on to the track, ending up lying exhausted on his back with the line a few feet away.

Will Howarth instead took third place as he managed to clamber on his miniature bike and push it with his legs over the line.

Grant and Howarth collide metres from the line

He then collapsed on a grass area next to the track to be joined moments later by Ryan. The riders showed there were no hard feelings between them by embracing shortly afterwards.

Both riders’ placing will still be classified despite not finishing the race using bike power.

The 40cc bikes are specifically designed for this championship and can reach a top speed of 70mph.

A sprint finish to the chequered flag

The motorbikes weigh only 40kg with their wheels only measuring six inches.

Many people on socail media have seen the funny side of this enthralling battle.

Vera Nunes said: “What a thrill and race. Motorsport.”

Cody Hayes said: “Hahaha I can see me racing this when I get older.”

It was a photo finish to see who got third place

Damula Diamond simply said: “Hahahahahahaha”

Motorsport Media producer, Lester Forbes was stunned by the outcome of the race.

Lester said: “It was disbelief really. It was bone dry at the beginning of the race and then it began raining heavily.”

He said: “It was a super race with a bit of fun, but these bikes can be quite quick, and I think that is encapsulated in the video.”

Both Grant and Howarth shake hands after a competitive race

The Cool FAB Racing British Mini Championships is in partnership with the British Superbikes Championships, BSB uses these championships to scout young riding talent that can make it big in the sport.

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