COMEDY – NewsRevue, Apocalypse… Now?



Photo: Ross Mcgivern


[star rating =5/5]


Did you know that NewsRevue has been running since 1979 and is the longest running comedy show in the Guinness Book of World Records? – I must have been living under a rock as I’d even missed the spelling of ‘revue’, and had no idea this was going to involve music.

The show opens to the Broadway style ‘Uranium’ about the apocalyptic end of the world. The onstage musical director Mike Turnbull provides wonderful accompaniment to the outstanding singing voices. The excellent cast deliver rapid fire musical and spoken sketches from the usual references to Brexit, Trump, Putin, Harvey Weinstein, social media, to reusable coffee cups and ocean plastic.

I can’t think of enough superlatives to describe the song with the octopus and the fish – nothing is sacred. This year’s cast is made up of the young and talented: Jack Mosedale – his name most definitely comes first. As I wiped the mascara off my face following his stunning impression of a witchy Theresa May, I’m thinking – are they related? His rendition of ‘All by myself’ as Theresa’s cabinet leaves her drowning in a bottle of Chardonnay is absolutely fabulous.

Susannah Austin – noted for her spectacular delivery of ‘When you’re good to Mama’ as a dirty Angela Merkel straddling a chair.

Philippa Carson and her amazingly characterful expressions – check out her lips as Melania Trump and the Russian newsreader.

Jacob Jackson is a commanding yet lithe version of the leader of the free world and has a stand off with his reusable coffee cup – the jealous KeepCup (Jack Mosedale).

It doesn’t matter what part of the fence you straddle on any issue, you’ll find this performance hilarious. It’s so good there are audience members going twice.