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MUSIC/ COMEDY – Slanty Eyed Mama bring the “most Asian” show to the Fringe, a wild mashup of comedy and rock

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Happy Lucky Golden Tofu Panda Dragon Good Time Fun Fun Show
promises to be the “most Asian” and longest titled Fringe show – but don’t worry they won’t make you say the whole thing when you pick up your tickets at the Box Office.

East meets West in this wild mashup of electric violin, witty rock vocals, comedy sketches, rap and stand-up; with songs like Rice Rice Baby, White Girl Problems, and a ballad devoted to asian nail salon workers, this performance piece has diversity down.

It’s about race, misrepresent-Asian, orientalism, and cats – and it’s all relative.

In an attempt to dispel misconceptions through the use of hilarious stereotypes and well written, and performed punk-rock, Slanty Eyed Mama, made up of established comedian KATE RIGG, and classical virtuoso turned electric violin rocker with amazing riffs, LYRIS HUNG, bring their show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the first time after having great success at the New York Fringe and producing a live performance film.

Last night at their opening night the two Julliard Grads were only missing more audience members to laugh with – but the crowd in the room made up for the unfilled seats and the pair brought a refreshing, much needed perspective to the city.

You might be surprised to learn where the first fortune cookie was made, or the truth about the beloved Hello Kitty character. My advice, Slanty Eyed Mama are here for 5 nights only – so go and find out.

Kate Rigg is a stand up comic who was the comedy correspondent on “The Dr. Phil Show” for 3 seasons and created the hit show “Dance Your Ass” off for Oxygen TV. She has done stand-up on Showtime and Comedy Central, among others.

Lyris Hung has played electric violin with Bono, Jay-Z, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Toshi Reagon, Suzanne Vega, Bryan Adams, and now tours regularly with the Indigo Girls.

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