Celtic-supporting parrot gets 100,000 views singing Kieran Tierney song


Celtic supporters are revelling in a video posted to Twitter of a parrot singing the Kieran Tierney song.

Darren McGonigle, from Glasgow, posted to the video to Twitter, with the caption: “This is my parrot jasper belting out the Kieran Tierney song this morning. Hail hail.”

Celtic fans famously sing the song at games in celebration of the defender who is referred to in the song as the “best left-back in Scotland”.

The clip begins with the eight-year-old African grey parrot, Jasper, sitting on top of his cage moving back and forth.

Off camera, the Kieran Tierney song can be heard briefly being whistled.

This then sets Jasper off to sing the melody, repeating the words “Kieran Tierney” which is sung repeatedly towards the end of the song.

The video has now racked up more than 110,000 views since it was posted online on Saturday, when Celtic beat Partick Thistle 3 – 1.

Darren’s original post on Twitter

Some Twitter users were impressed by Jasper’s show of support for the team.

@alisaheron wrote: “That is the best thing I’ve seen on here ever. Magic buddy”

@mgrto said: “Ahahaha Absolutely f****** brilliant. Wish we had him on camera singing Hail Hail and Never Walk Alone. Belter Jasper my wee bhoy.”

@Sheany_Bhoy commented: “Best thing I’ve ever seen.”

@StevieBoylan wrote: “Top 5 greatest things I’ve ever seen. Including but not limited to Lionel Messi.”

@louara777 said: “Jasper you are pitch perfect. I loved it.”

However, there were some unconvinced by Jasper’s efforts.

@verdebhoy wrote: “I’m no having that. That must be you with a Stephen Hawking voice box.”

@Studstheman said: “That’s no real.”

Darren has had Jasper now for six years.

He is a season ticket holder at Celtic Park and has taught Jasper more than one Celtic song over the years.

Speaking today (Wed) Darren said: “He started off mimicking phone ring tones and then I noticed he was copying parts of songs from the radio.

“This ranged from Steve Earle’s Galway Girl to LMFAO’s Sexy and I know it.

“He has a wide variety of sayings now.

“As I am a season ticket holder at Celtic I taught him a few Celtic songs for a laugh.

“If it’s not the Kieran Tierney song it’s Come on You Bhoys in Green.

“On a serious note African greys are like two year old children. They take up a lot of your time and need a lot of attention.

“It is worth it though as they make great companions.”