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NewsPOLICE are hunting for yobs blamed for blocking a street with a...

POLICE are hunting for yobs blamed for blocking a street with a “line of fire”

Dramatic video shows cars being diverted from a Scottish road after petrol was poured across it and then set on fire.

A witness reported on social media said she saw four people with a petrol can close to the scene of the blaze in Prestonpans, East Lothian, on Monday.

The clip shows thick, black smoke coming from the flames and several cars can be seen being forced to drive up another road unable to pass through.

As the car from which the clip was filmed draws closer, it is clear that the fire has been set alight in a straight line.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service put out the blaze.

The clip was uploaded onto social media Monday night attracting more than 74,000 views.

The driver who filmed the clip but wishes to be anonymous said: “I needed to go to work and it didn’t seem like a lot of flames so just drove through it.”

He said: “I had just seen a lot of smoke and cars stopping and turning around, and a few people on the phone.

Black smoke can be seen billowing from a distance

“I laughed to myself thinking it was the kind of thing you would see in Prestonpans.

“I didn’t phone the police it seemed to have just bit lit as I was driving up, and, if what I assumed was just petrol it wouldn’t last longer than a couple of minutes.

The driver was amazed by the reaction on social media: “I just uploaded the video as I have a lot of friends in Prestonpans didn’t expect 60,000 to watch it.”

Cars forced to divert as the fire stretched width of the road

Hundreds of shocked viewers left comments on the post, and some locals believe they know who did it.

Jennifer Reynolds said: “There was four of them with a petrol can walking down past Cuthill Park.”

Kate Thompson replied; “Was one of them a young ginger lad by any chance?”

Jennifer Reynolds said: “There was one yes, but he had a baseball cap on…sauntering across the road when I was trying to pull in.”

Jack Wilcox said: “Happened at my bit yesterday and all mate, young team charred a bike and burnt the f****** lol.”

Some believe the road was deliberately set a light

However, some commenters saw the funny side of the video.

Andrew Stevenson said: “Check if there’s a licence plate at the end. Might be some back to the future s***. Hahahaha.”

Louise Stevenson Main wrote: “I think that’s quite creative.”

Darren Rooney said: “Was waiting on the ground to open up and the devil to pop up throwing fire balls.”

Derek Campbell wrote: “Should have drove straight through it like a boss. Unless your driving something that’s held together with cable ties.”

Others saw the funnier side of the video

Emma Reid said: “I’m not going anywhere near there.”

Christie Davidson wrote: “Bloody idiots out there like.”

And Quintin Anderson said: “Pans on fire, sounds like a book.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland today (wed) said: “Police in East Lothian are aware of a video on social media which shows a fire on a road in Prestonpans, and officers are currently conducting enquiries into this.”

A spokeswoman for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service yesterday (tue) said: “We received a call about fuel on the roadway. One fire truck was at the scene. Nobody was hurt or injured.”

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