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NewsShocking picture shows "horror movie" attack on police officers

Shocking picture shows “horror movie” attack on police officers

A SHOCKING picture showed the aftermath of a “horror movie” style attack on police officers.

A female officer, PC Lucie Chhetri, was pictured with a bloodied neck after a run in with a “complete maniac”.

The cop had her head “smashed” against a police car, while her partner Sergeant John O’Donovan was also “punched repeatedly”.

The attacker, who was intoxicated and had a young child with him, appeared in court a year after the attack and was jailed for two years.

The pair were viciously attacked in rural West Berkshire, near Newbury in 2015.

The Thames Valley Police Federation shared the images and story widely on social media.

They wrote: “Their attacker – an intoxicated man accompanied by a young child – had driven into a ditch. The officers tried to help, but in a split second he turned into a ‘complete maniac’.

“PC Chhetri had her head smashed against a police car and her colleague was also punched repeatedly.

“Both officers feared for their lives.”

The Twitter post by Thames Valley Police Federation

The shocking photograph shows PC Chhetri covered in blood, which is all over her face, neck and hair.

The PC is visibly in pain, while a concerned colleague can be seen in the background.

The man involved in the attack was eventually arrested by officers from the neighbouring county of Hampshire.

The man denied the attack in court – but body-cam footage by the police “revealed the truth” and eventually led to him being jailed for two years.

Of the attack, PC Chhetri said: “There were no signs, no body language clues – he went from zero to 100 in the blink of an eye.

“We sprayed him with Captor but it had no effect, he was like a raging bull.”

The PC added that she believes if she had been carrying a taser, she would have been able to subdue the suspect without suffering an assault.

Sergeant O’Donovan, who was a Police Constable at the time, described the incident as “something outof a horror movie”.

He said: “The man was on the rampage – intent on causing serious harm.

“He was a lot stronger than me. He literally held me down and rained blows of immense force towards my head.

“He seemed to take great pleasure in in?icting this pain and I really didn’t think he was going to stop.”

He also spoke about the effect the attack had on the relationship with his wife. He added: “She talked about what would have happened if things had been worse and I had not come home to her and our baby.

Comments from Twitter users

“She wants me to leave policing as she feels that it is not safe.”

The picture sparked a strong reaction from appalled social media users.

Jan Stagg said: “It’s time they brought back tougher laws and sentencing to stop and punish any offence against a police officer.

“They’re out there trying help and protect people and enforce the law. They shouldn’t be subjected to any level of abuse.”

Roz Phillips wrote: “Appalling sentence. Everyday our officers are at risk not knowing what they are going into and they need the support of our judicial system as well as government, neither of which they have.

“Hope these officers heal both physically and mentally. Thank you for all you do.”

Finchleyflyer commented: “Two years? Utterly ridiculous.”

PaulHSharky said: “Horrific. Is two years an adequate sentence? No.”

Rabgibson wrote: “Two years. Justice system is a joke. Doesn’t even want to show an example of what will happen if police are attacked.”

JohnJosephVinc1 commented: “Holy s***. Did he cut her throat? All cops should be armed with guns.”

In November last year, a police officer was stabbed in the back in Edinburgh College, Granton, after responding to a call over a man threatening to harm himself and others.

The officer recieved a “non-life-threatening” injury to his back, but was rushed to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

The case sparked outrage earlier this year when the attacker, Gabrielle Friel, dodged a jail sentence despite admitting putting the policeman’s life at risk.

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