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What to look for in a promotional product

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If you’ve been working to promoting your business for a while, it is only a matter of time before a bit of frustration about the futility of certain new-fangled methods begins to creep in.  At some point, it pays to just return to traditional methods. Falling back on one of the oldest, battle worn but tried and tested tactics – product giveaways – can actually be extremely effective, if done correctly. But if you are investing all of this money into something that is purely promotional, you want to be sure that it leads to some tangible results. The success of a promotional campaign involving branded items hinges of the strength of the product. Its quality, its versatility, its practicality and how well suited it is to your target audience are all important considerations. With the aim of helping you get your hands on the best promotional products possible, we have discussed the most important qualities they should have.


What is a product without some kind of practical purpose? If you aspire for your products to have any sort of longevity whatsoever, your product has to be useful – or at the very least, have some kind of redemptive quality. A keyring is an example of this. Too easily dismissed as completely and utterly disposable, keyrings can be deceptively long lasting. When was the last time you removed a key ring from your house keys? Keyrings, while extremely simple, have a great deal of longevity and provide a constant reminder of your brand. The lifetime of a product is limited by its quality, but its utility is normally the defining factor. Without any discernible purpose, a product is useless.


Longevity is an underrated quality in promotional products. The longer your product persists, the longer your message persists. A product’s longevity is of course limited by the quality of the product itself. If it breaks down because it’s faulty, it simply isn’t built to stand the test of time and to continue to influence potential customers over a prolonged period of time.


Even if your business’ target market is extremely narrow in scope, you have to think outside of these parameters if you want your promotional products to be as effective as possible for as long as possible. Generally speaking, promotional products carrying your branding will accompany you to exhibitions, workshops, conventions and everything in between. If your product is adaptable enough to fit it at all of these events, it is bound to save you time and money.

Ensuring your chosen products fit the criteria listed in this post is a great starting point. Deciding which kind of product to go for, as well how to mark it with you branding can be a headache for marketers. Charity wristbands from Lancaster Printing are an example of a well-crafted and meticulously designed promotional product. If you are considering printing some merchandise, they are a company well worth entrusting the task to. The success of the Livestrong campaign, in large part, can be attributed to the just how popular the yellow wristbands baring their logo were. With some luck, your promotional product of choice can have a similar impact.

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