Thursday, May 19, 2022
EntertainmentCOMEDY THEATRE - Improvised Therapy is absolutely absurd silliness at its best

COMEDY THEATRE – Improvised Therapy is absolutely absurd silliness at its best

Photo courtesy of The Barry, Brian & Bean Compan

I  am honestly still trying to work out why it was so funny.  [star rating =4/5]

In Improvised Therapy, Doctors Brian, Barry and Bean create a therapy session full of bizarre silliness, that unarguably made almost everyone in the room laugh hysterically – almost excluding the more mature ladies in the back row, unfortunately.

Everything seems to fall apart for these three male therapists, cross-acted by young women, when their office pet goes missing; although there’s no way of telling whether they had their sh** together to begin with, as this is where the audience joins them.

In a flurry of party hats, swimming costumes, missed phone calls and numerous board meetings the three unconventional “therapists” tackle very few of the audiences actual problems, and instead opt for spending a lot of time spitting locker room talk, and rolling around the floor – but for some reason it works quite well for them.

Part of me wants to write something along the lines of: “This was an examination of a stereotypical male gender role explored from a female perspective”, but with all of the other stuff thrown in, I think it was just a bit of a laugh really.

Improvised Therapy is definitely a show for a younger audience, but not too young as it can get mildly x-rated at times – so I’d recommend that you’re old enough to choke on your beers at the absolutely absurd silliness brought to this years Fringe by The Barry, Brian and Bean Company.

I don’t know why I’m recommending it, but I am.

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