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COMEDY THEATRE – One woman Sex and The City is a hilarious must-see parody

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I didn’t realise how much I’d missed Sex and The City in my life until I saw KERRY IPEMA’s one woman parody show, in which she nails impersonating everyone’s favourite characters on their most notorious storylines from the 6 seasons of the series – all whilst using a truly shocking amount of puns.

In a fun filled hour of p*** taking, Kerry switches between the infamous foursome on a ludicrous, but probably very accurate, amount of brunch dates; successfully taking on each of the individual roles by use of mannerisms and hilarious impressions – her Samantha Jones is particularly fabulous.

In true one-woman-show style, she does everything on her own, from an inspired version of the iconic opening title sequence, in which she uses audio description to give homage to the infamous Carrie Bradshaw puddle-splash, to the non-existent props which she so happily mimes – and in true SATC style she does it all in heels.

Throughout the seasons she offers witty commentary and some hilarious observations that many fans of the show may never have even considered whilst it was in it’s prime; isn’t it ludicrous that Steve is the only character with a New York accent on a series so proud of being set in New York?

Ipema, and her writing partner TJ DAWE, do a skillful job at poking fun at the faults of SATC which are so recognisable in hindsight, but far from ruining the beloved series, it only leaves the audience members talking about how much they want to go home and re-watch the entire thing.

This was a joyful, laugh-out-loud celebration of an iconic series, and a must see for fans of the show, or anyone really – because if you’ve not seen it, this quick-paced parody covers all the vital plot points and will save you a lot of time.

My advice – book yourself in for a brunch date you won’t forget.

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