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COMEDY – George Egg is cooking with power… tools

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George Egg returns to the Fringe after a sell out two years in a row as the Anarchist Cook.

George starts his show DIY Chef with the line “Eat, Drink and Be Merry for tomorrow we may die.” He pretends that the quote is from the bible – showing the audience his copy with the centre cut out in the perfect outline of a miniature bottle of baileys. He claims that this method of disguise is a cunning way to smuggle alcohol into Fringe venues.

George’s wife banished him into the shed when his cooking was too unhealthy; so he set about learning to cook with his garden tools and a kettle – the one kitchen appliance he was allowed. The stage in the Piccolo tent is set up as a shed kitchen with a vintage suitcase at one end, a work bench, sink and a washing line at the other. His working sink is fed by the bladder from a boxed wine into a bucket.

As he sets about cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner with his power tools; George reveals all manner of tools from the suitcase and a variety of food from a Deliveroo bag; conveniently robbed from the delivery driver that he ran over on his way to the show.

George’s unique and innovative show continues to surprise. He uses a wallpaper steamer to poach an egg and a mackerel. The paper shredder used to make linguine from lasagne sheets is surprisingly effective, he then boils the pasta in his trusty kettle and uses his air gun to toast the croutons. An Arnold Schwarzenegger special edition DVD case is ideal for flame grilling the perfect medium steak with a blowtorch.

The audience have a chance to taste the creative dishes at the end of the show; this is an unconventional and delicious comedy and I leave wishing George would open a themed power tool restaurant.

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