Saturday, December 2, 2023
EntertainmentCOMEDY THEATRE - High School English struggles to teach a lesson

COMEDY THEATRE – High School English struggles to teach a lesson

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High School English takes place in a classroom as four students and their very stressed teacher explore some classic texts and the messages behind them, in a modern environment. The talented TAMRA KOLTES is their very under-supported teacher who struggles to cater for each of their different learning difficulties.

Unfortunately, the messages of the performance only become particularly clear in the last five minutes, when they are spelled out to the audience in a series of short monologues, and prior to this point the piece seems a bit underdeveloped.

The comedy was poor but the quality of acting in the Car Crash Production group was of a  higher standard, WILL LUKEMAN shone particularly bright through the thin plot.

The promotion of this piece as “slapstick” feels like a bit of a stretch, but the young company do have talent and will likely be back with more to share in the future.

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