COMEDY THEATRE – Last Hive creates a buzz at this years Fringe

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Hilariously silly, and slightly educational theatre that is enjoyable for all. [star rating =4/5]

Written and performed by KAREN HOUGE and DAVID TANN, Last Hive, involves the exploration of an environmental issue from the perspective of the honeybees; and it’s also just a bit of a laugh.

Outside the theatre at Zoo Venues, a buzzing can be heard in the corridor before audience members enter “the hive”. In this two person play, Tann plays a drone, a male honeybee desperate to prove himself to his queen by saving the diminishing hive population. On his journey he learns about the different perspectives on the issues surrounding pollination and the reproduction cycle of honeybees, hearing from different supporting characters also played by Houge in a variety of costumes.

It’s not exactly Romeo and Juliet in, but the short-lived love affair between the two characters is passionate at times and adds comic value to the piece.

Through the use of simple props, sound effects and cleverly executed shadow puppetry, this production is able to move from scene to scene effortlessly, bringing fun and creativity to the heart of plot.

Undercover Theatre Company, based in Norway, aim to create theatre reflective of current issues, and this piece does just that – adding a lot of fun in the process.