MUSIC/ DANCE – Alba Flamenco – a raw frenzy of music and movement

MARIA DEL MAR SUÁREZ known as La Chachi, Photo submitted,


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The roots of Flamenco most definitely originate from Andalusia region of Southern Spain. It’s a fertile fusion between guitar, singing, and dance, accompanied by rhythmic hand clapping and finger clicking greatly influenced during the 8th to 15th century by Arab occupation.

Further influence from Romany Gypsies, who are thought to have brought music and dance from India and the east, you can see within Flamenco. the rich tapestry that brings us this most intricate, emotive and expressive of art forms.

Alba Flamenca is an intimate venue which really suits the closeness required of a true Flamenco session. There is a wonderful casualness as the performers assemble on the stage.

The performance begins. The rich earthy voice of INMA MONTERO evokes a feeling of yearning and inherited sadness. She harmonises so beautifully with the voice of LOLA PUERTOLLANO to create that pathos indicative of Flamenco. DANIELO OLIVERA is the male singer within the group. Within his voice is an intense, desire and longing that touches the audience.

The two dancers are very different in style. GABRIELA POUSO is a striking young woman. Her dancing is proud, regal and fiery. She dances with the confidence, her feet getting faster and faster revving up the audience who cannot believe the speed. She teases the audience with gentle and sensual movement of her hips and her flashing dark eyes, then she winks and sits down. This is Flamenco.

A big credit must also go to the phenomenal guitarist DANIEL MARTINEZ who accompanies the dance.

MARIA DEL MAR SUÁREZ known as La Chachi (meaning cool) is a well known and cherished personality in her native Malaga. Her dancing is earthy and wild; she uses her arms in a less classical way from Pousa. Although completely in control, she allows her movements to go overboard and then pull back.

Her movements are raw and frenzied, mirroring the passion in the singer’s voices.

Alba Flamenco are a very talented collective. The energy and enthusiasm for their art is visible through the passion they have for their performance.