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COMEDY MUSICAL – A Very Brexit Musical is still going strong and stable

Photo: Laura Wells

All singing, all dancing political satire [star rating =4/5]

A Very Brexit Musical, written by Cambridge University students Molly Cook and Anthony Gray, follows the story of young reporter Peter (RORY RUSSELL) at the heart of the 2016 EU referendum coverage, working at the “Maily Dale”.

Performing on the final night of their 2018 Edinburgh run to a packed audience at La Belle Angele, the young cast have a fast-pace and comic attitude to the political caricatures that have been written into the production; with supporting characters adding value by giving face to the public opinion.

Cavid Dameron, Joris Bohnson, and Mheresa Tay – a.k.a ‘Tay Tay – were all centre-stage. Bohnson played by FREDDIE RAYMOND came across particularly buffoon-like, wearing a high-vis and bicycle helmet at all times – much to the delight of the audience.

The bold and promiscuously written Tay tay (JESSICA PHILLIPS) was another crowd favourite, particularly her slut drop to a picture of Margaret Thatcher, and sexual prowess in the office with the blithering PM Dameron; performed by a very-stressed ALEX HANCOCK.

Changes between the plot lines of the politicians and the public often didn’t blend very well throughout the piece, and I couldn’t help but think that having a split stage with the ‘Maily Dale’ readers may have helped with their reflection on the developing story.

Vocals from Tay tay, Peter & EMILY WEBSTER, who played love his interest and Maily Dale reporter Jen were particularly good; with others falling a bit flat, and at times difficult to hear – HAL BATTY, who played multiple versions of ‘Man’, seemed to be having some mic issues.

Unfortunately, A Very Brexit Musical is now slightly out-of-date for it’s audience, but it is still making a strong and stable attempt to thrive with the times.

Perhaps a sequel will be on the cards for next year to stop the audience from leaving feeling like the story remains unfinished. 

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