Horrific video shows Kelso thugs beating up community safety officer


SHOCKING video captured the moment a group of teenage yobs attacked a community safety officer for asking them to move away from his car.

Doug Whitson was filmed being kicked by the group of thugs outside Kelso Rugby Football Club in the Scottish Borders on Saturday evening.

The 47-year-old can be seen lying underneath the back of a white car while his attackers continue to attack him.

Teenagers can be heard screaming, laughing and saying the man is “doon dead” while Doug lays motionless.

The shocking incident was filmed by onlookers and shared on Snapchat who captioned the video “f***ed up a baldy”.

The clip, which was posted on Facebook last night (mon), has attracted over 149,000 views.

The video captured the moment the teenagers kicked the community safety officer as he lay under a car

Comedian Robin Armstrong shared the 30-second-clip to his Facebook page with the caption: “This will haunt that man forever. A group of teens attack a 47-year-old man in Kelso in the borders of Scotland for asking them to move away from his car.

“They knock him unconscious screaming like a bunch animals surrounding him. Sickeningly you hear a girl say he’s ‘down dead’ before laughing.

“They continue to kick him as he lies helpless half under a car. He’s now in hospital getting brain scans.”

Social media users were shocked at the contents of the footage.

Laura Donn wrote: “I’m so disappointed in what Kelso has become.”

Susan Lough Scott added: “This is disgusting. I hope they all get what they deserve. So close to home too.

“This is what happens when parents don’t teach their kids right from wrong, to respect their elders and only to speak when spoken too.”

Nnikki (corr) Gordon wrote: “It actually terrifies me how bad it’s getting. I’m actually scared for my kids growing up around this crap.”

Caroline Cartwright commented: “These young folk should be ashamed of themselves.”

The footage begins with a group of teenagers screaming and brawling with each other on a grass pitch.

The camera then spins round to a white car – and shockingly a man, who has been identified as Doug, can be seen lying underneath it.

A young man, wearing a white t-shirt and a black backpack, can be seen kicking out at Doug while he lies there – and has to be dragged away by another teenager.

It is not clear how Doug ended up under the car in the first place.

A young girl can be heard screaming “f*****g hell” repeatedly as youths try to attack the man while he lies there helpless.

One girl can be seen trying to hold back a young man who appears to be going for the man – while another slides in from the side and kicks him.

At one point in the clip a brawl breaks out in the background, while the man is still trapped

The footage then cuts to a brawl on a gravel car park, while the man still lies underneath the car.

The clip then cuts to the girl filming walking away. She can be heard laughing and saying: “Look at that. He’s doon deed.”

The final part of the footage cuts to a still of Doug, wearing a blue shirt, stuck underneath the back of a car.

The caption written across the footage reads “F*** up a baldy”.

Doug, a community safety officer for Scottish Borders Council, declined to comment on the horrifying incident, which happened ouside Kelso Rugby Football Club where he works as a sports therapist.

Kelso Rugby Football Club also declined to comment as the incident is “now a police matter”.

Doug was taken to hospital after the assault but later released

Police are now appealing for witnesses following the shocking assault which led to Doug being hospitalised.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Police in the Scottish Borders are appealing for witnesses following an assault at the Kelso Rugby Club.

“The incident happened around 8.15pm on Saturday 25th August.

“A 47-year-old man was attacked by a group of youths outside the ground and was taken to Borders General Hospital before later being released.

“Inquiries to identify those responsible are ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact police immediately, quoting incident number 4585 of the 25th August.”

In April 2017, a 30-year-old man was chased through the streets of Kelso by a gang of teenagers wearing war paint.

The three teenagers chased the man, before two of them assaulted him in front of the Ednam House Hotel.

The man sustained a minor eye injury but did not require medical attention.

A Scottish Borders Council spokesman said: “We are extremely sorry to hear about the incident involving a member of our staff on Saturday evening and will offer any support we can.”