The View frontman confirms second baby on the way


THE VIEW frontman Kyle Falconer has announced he is expecting his second child with his fiancee.

The Scottish rocker took to social media today to share the exciting news by sharing a photograph of his fiancee Laura Wilde, showing off her bump.

The couple already have one-year-old daughter, Wylde, who the Same Jeans singer hails as being the reason for giving up his wild partying ways.

Not fully putting his wildman antics behind him, Kyle admitted earlier this month that Wylde was conceived in a Thai clinic – where he was being treated for drug and booze addiction.

Taking to Twitter today, the singer wrote: “Another branch adding to our family tree in March 2019.”

Scottish rockstar Falconer took to Twitter to announce the big news

Kyle shared a 20-second-clip which featured a still of the family, while Family Tree, a track from his new album, played over the top.

The picture captured a grinning Kyle with his daughter Wylde sitting on his shoulders in a picturesque forest.

His fiancee Laura is pictured standing beside him wearing a white dress and a floral headdress.

Laura is also holding a baby scan of their newest edition – and cradling her small baby bump.

Kyle can be heard singing: “Working on me and the family. I’m going opposite. I put the bottles of whisky and vodka behind me. I’m working on the family tree.”

Twitter users were quick to congratulate the couple.

Kyle can be heard singing on the video

TheHealthyChap wrote: “Congratulations well done. I wish yous all the best.”

LaLa_Lola89 added: “Congratulations Laura, Kyle and little Wylde, you’ll make the best big sister. Great news, congratulations again.”

Grumster84 said: “Clan Falconer expanding. Congrats mate.”

Earlier this month Kyle revealed that he broke strict no sex rules in a Thai rehab clinic – and got then-girlfriend Laura pregnant.

The singer told the James English Meets video podcast: “There’s no sh** allowed in rehabs, but that was where our bairn was conceived.”

The Scot has made some serious changes to focus on his family life instead over the past year.

This is a marked change from 2017, where the rocker was slapped with a £25,000 bill after hurling homophobic abuse at cabin crew on a Jet2 flight.

The frontman admitted the air rage incident from 2016 – where the flight had to be diverted to France on it’s return to Glasgow from Barcelona.

The View singer received many comments congratulating him