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EntertainmentVARIETY - Jason Donovan and his 'Amazing Midlife Crisis'

VARIETY – Jason Donovan and his ‘Amazing Midlife Crisis’

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Having recently turned 50, Jason Donovan’s Amazing Midlife Crisis is a show more about his past successes than any crisis, or future direction; the ex-teen heartthrob embellishes us with memories of his life that so many of us were witness to.

As Jason opens with a tuneful acoustic version of ‘Any Dream Will Do’, it isn’t long before a sold out audience have joined in. A surprised and amused Jason restarts his opening song, giving consent for the audience to be his backing choir.

This is followed by an eight minute video and voiceover which provides a nostalgic look at how he initially achieved fame in Neighbours. And from the onscreen marriage between his character Scott, to Charlene (played by Kylie Minogue), the video takes us down his memory lane through his pop career, drug addictions in the 90s, fatherhood in 2000, and onto his treatment for vocal strain.

In a staged interview Jason then briefly discusses his vocal strain, before reminiscing about his life as a successful young artist; with a bit of tongue and cheek boasting about his awards, sales and achievements.

He shows off the robe worn in the early 90’s for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, before discussing a law suit following allegations he was homosexual – He still maintains this was the biggest mistake of his life and openly talks about his struggles at the time.

The mood of the audience is catapulted into laugher and whistles when he rips off his trousers to reveal ripped jeans and more importantly, that double-demi look of the 90s. Add to this a blond mullet wig and a 50 year old Jason singing ‘Too Many Broken Hearts’, and the audience have no hesitation to sing along.

Perhaps a better title for Jason Donovan’s ‘Amazing Midlife Crisis’ show should have been ‘My Amazing Life’ but his show certainly went down well with the audience. I left feeling amused, happier and haven’t been able to get his songs out of my head since.

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