Friday, May 27, 2022
NewsKittens redeem one of their nine lives after being saved from water...

Kittens redeem one of their nine lives after being saved from water hole

HEART-WARMING photos show the moment five kittens were rescued from drowning after falling down a hole.

The two-week old kittens were discovered half-conscious in the hole which was filling with water rapidly on the Isle of Harris.

Images show the feline creatures just moments after they pulled out from the water hole being fed milk and being nurtured back to health.

It is believed that the cute kittens were caught up in the aftermath of Storm Ernesto after their feral mother left them to get shelter.

The cute kittens almost drowned last week (C) Cats Protection

Luckily, their saviour, who has not been named, rushed to his garden after hearing meowing noises.

The kittens were then rushed to the Cats Protection branch where volunteers bottle-fed the kittens and kept them warm using blankets and heat pads.

All five cats, found in Lingerbay on the Isle of Harris were also given incredibly apt names – Drizzle, Droplet, Rain, Ripple and Wave.

The cats have been called Drizzle, Droplet, Rain, Ripple and Wave. (C) Cats Protection

The kittens were handed into the Cats Protection’s Isle of Lewis & Harris Branch.

Branch coordinator, Karen Cowan they are all “very affectionate and friendly.”

She said: “One of our volunteers rushed round and when she arrived she could hear meowing from some undergrowth.

They are being nurtured back to care at a Cats Protection branch. (C) Cats Protection

“Upon pulling it back, she found five muddy and sodden kittens piled on top of each other in a small hole.

“They were barely moving and the water level was rising rapidly around them. In just a matter of minutes the hole would have submerged.”

Karen also urged everyone to neuter their cats to prevent this from happening in the future.

Luckily, a Harris resident rescued the kittens after hearing meowing in his garden (C) Cats Protection

She added: “There is a large population of feral cats living on the Isle of Lewis and Harris – we have already neutered 36 feral cats in the area in an effort to address this but clearly there are many more unneutered cats out there including the mum of these kittens,” said Karen.

“I’d urge cat owners on the island and in general to neuter their cats because it will reduce the number of unwanted kittens like these five who were born in such horrible and perilous conditions.”

The kittens will be found new homes when they reach nine weeks old.

The kittens will be free to a good home once they reach nine weeks old. (C) Cats Protection

This is not the first time cats have been saved from peril.

Earlier this week the Scottish SPCA launched an investigation after two “distressed” cats were found at the side of a rural road.

The black cats were apparently left at the roadside in a lay-by prompting animal rescue officers to attend.

The felines are now in the care of the SSPCA and are set to be re-homed following their ordeal last Wednesday in Larbert.

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