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Former addict reveals he turned his life around after waking up from overdose after £1,000 binge

A FORMER addict has revealed how he turned his life around after waking up in hospital from a drug overdose after a £1,000 binge.

Daniel O’Sullivan, from Renfrew, went viral on social media after sharing before and after pictures last week of him a year to the day he went sober.

The 27-year-old told how he relapsed multiple times before he “hit rock bottom” and woke up in the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley, Renfrewshire wearing a nappy.

The former heavy machinary operator admitted he would spend over £1,000 on cocaine and booze during three-day benders at the worst point of his addiction.

He lost his driving licence due to drink-driving, was under the influence at his previous job and lost touch with his family during a period of his life he described as “carnage”.

After he was hospitalised due to an overdose, Daniel was sectioned and sent to Leverndale Hospital in Glasgow for rehab and help for mental health issues in 2017.

Daniel’s post, a year to the day he went sober, went viral last week

On August 21 this year Daniel reached his first year of sobriety and shared a before and after picture showing the physical effects of his recovery.

Taking to Facebook, Daniel wrote: “One year drink and drugs free. The picture on the left is me one year ago dubbed up in Leverndale hospital broke, beaten and pretty much didn’t wanna live anymore.

“The picture on the right is me today happy, healthy and loving life. Drink and drugs took me to hell disguised as heaven. Thank God I found a way out.”

In the first photograph David is pale, has dark circles under his eyes and a frown across his face.

But, in the second photograph David has a wide grin on his face and his skin is much clearer and fresher.

Over 42,000 liked David’s post and thousands of social media users hailed him as an “inspiration”.

Jill Fletcher wrote: “Well done. You’re an inspiration to many.”

Daniel in Leverndale Hospital in Glasgow after he was sectioned

Claire Beaumont added: “Well done. Just proves it can be done. Keep it up lad and be proud at how far you have come.”

Daniel Khosrowpour commented: “Well done mate. You look like two different people.”

Isobel Barbour said: “Omg the difference. Well done young man, be proud of yourself. Must have been hard times but you kept strong, always stay strong.”

Speaking today, Daniel said: “I was trying to stop taking drink and drugs for a few years, but I couldn’t stop doing it.

“I would have a period of sobriety and then my mind would trick me into thinking I could control my addiction. So I would go and buy a bottle of cider and a gram of coke and think that would be it. It never was.

“It wasn’t until I woke up in the hospital after I’d had two overdoses in two months and I was wearing a nappy that I thought what the f***.

Daniel looks much happier and healthier a year into sobriety

“I’d really hit rock bottom. Then I was sent to Leverndale and I was sectioned, it was a really low point in my life.

“My family had basically given up on me because I was a danger to myself and to them.

“I had a good job as a Centrifuge Operator for five years but I was under the influence while I was working and in charge of big projects. I lost my driving licence due to drink driving too.”

Daniel said the problem began when he first started drinking at 14-years-old with friends at the weekend and it spiralled from there.

He added: “At the end I spent over £1,000 on drink and drugs on a three day bender, and I owed a lot of money to drug dealers. It was carnage.”

However, the Scot has now turned his life around and after his post went viral has had thousands of social media users get in touch.

He said: “It’s really humbling. For years every door was shut to me, whether it was work, friends or family, because of my behaviour and my addiction.

“But after that, thousands of people have got in touch – either addicts themselves or family members – and have asked me for advice. I think I got about 3,000 friend requests after it picked up.”

Although Daniel isn’t working at the moment to focus on his mental health, he hopes to pursue an adult apprenticeship in a trade such as tiling in the future.

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