“Put your dangly bits away Mr!” Brazen man cycled “bollock-naked” across bridge – but kept helmet on


A BIZARRE video captured the moment a man cycled “bollock naked” across a new bridge on it’s opening day – but kept his helmet on.

The middle-aged-man was filmed making his way across the new £117.6 million

in Sunderland in broad daylight.

Jamie Cockburn, from Sunderland, captured the hilarious footage as the man travelled across the bridge unfazed on Wednesday afternoon.

It is not known if the nudist was trying to break a record as the first naked cyclist across the bridge – or if he simply frequently travels naked.

The man was caught cycling naked on Sunderland’s new Northern Spire bridge

Social media users were quick to praise the bold cyclist and make jokes at his expense.

The Northern Spire opened to traffic for the first time on Wednesday, the same day Jamie captured the brazen man cycling across it.

Jamie Cockburn posted the clip to Facebook with the caption: “New bridge opens, first time over and here’s an old blokey pedalling over bollock naked.

“Some guy. Only in Sunderland.”

It caught commuter Jamie Cockburn by complete surprise.

The hilarious clip has been viewed over 279,000 times and attracted hundreds of comments.

The footage begins with Jamie laughing as he says: “What the hell are you doing mate?”

He zooms the camera in to reveal the man – who is completely naked except for a helmet and trainers – brazenly cycling along the path at the side of the road.

Jamie adds: “He’s got nowt on, at all. Bollock naked.”

The man can be seen cycling past pedestrians without a care in the world.

Jamie’s social media post got loads of people talking

As the cyclist gets closer to the car, the driver winds the window down so Jamie can get a shot of the man going past.

Jamie shouts at the man as he makes his way past – but the cyclist does not respond and continues on with his day.

On social media, Johannah Scott joked: “Hope his saddle was warm.”

Robert Rorison said: “There’s always one.”

Kathy E Huggins Clark wrote: “Bloody hell.”

Lesley Saxby commented: “Glad I missed that.”

Tamla Burton said: “Would be Sunderland wouldn’t it?”

Abby Phillips added: “Trying the new bridge out in style.”

James Alderson wrote: “This guy thought outside the box.”

It is believed the man is likely to escape a fine

Danny Hughes joked: “Not a single f*** was given.”

While Diane McMillan wrote: “Yuk! Put your dangly bits away mister.”

In July this year a naked cyclist in Germany was caught on camera riding over the speed limit.

However, police struggled to identify the man in the centre of Kiel – meaning he is likely to escape a fine.