Thursday, June 30, 2022
NewsAdorable moment "bonny" snoring seal is caught snoozing in busy harbour

Adorable moment “bonny” snoring seal is caught snoozing in busy harbour

ADORABLE footage captured a seal snoring loudly while he took an early morning nap.

Sammy the seal was filmed “without a care in the world” as he snoozed peacefully floating in Stornoway Harbour on the Isle of Lewis.

The cheeky seal can be seen bobbing up and down in the water with his eyes closed as he slumbered on Saturday morning.

Social media users were quick to dub the seal “bonny” and “cute” as the video was shared widely.

John Dyer, a retired Firefighter and former Counsellor who lives on the Isle of Lewis, posted the adorable clip to Facebook.

The 62-year-old wrote: “Take 90 seconds from your busy day to watch and listen to Sammy Seal snoring and meditating in Stornoway Harbour this morning.”

The clip has already been viewed over 1,500 times since it was uploaded on Saturday.

Sammy the Seal enjoying a snooze

The footage begins with Sammy with his eyes closed and only his head visible above the water.

The spotty seal is clearly enjoying himself as he throws his head back and opens his nostrils wide – snoring loudly as he floats gently along in the water.

Sammy is oblivious to the surrounding noise of boats in the harbour.

The video was filmed by John Dyer

On social media, Fiona Kay said: “Sammy is gorgeous.”

Holly Allen added: “Aww too cute.”

Fliss Kerridge commented: “That has made my morning. Thank you.”

Lorna Jappy wrote: “Swimming would be so much easier if we had evolved being able to close our noses. Sammy is lovely. So bonny.”

People can’t get enough of Sammy sleeping

Mairi Rochead said: “A tired old boy in a peaceful slumber. Great video.”

Speaking today, John Dyer said: “The seal was six feet below me in the harbour and acted like he hadn’t a care in the world even though he was in a busy harbour at the time.”

“There are about six regulars I have seen at one time and the tourists love them because in the wild they are very shy.

“They are regularly following the fishing boats in and waiting patiently for the scraps that the fishermen discard.”

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