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“Sounds like someone from the Gorbals!” Scots go wild for “Wee Ken D” after hilarious t-shirt bungle

SCOTS have gone wild trying to work out who “Wee Ken D” is – after a hilarious German t-shirt bungle went viral.

The white top, pictured on a mannequin, is meant to read “weekend” but the spacing broke up the word into an epic fashion fail.

Scots have theorised who “Wee Ken D” could be – including Ken Dodd, Kenny Dalglish or broadcaster Ken Bruce.

Others joked that it could simply be “Wee Ken D from the Gorbals”, Barbie’s famous plastic partner or a “Scottish rapper”.

Lynn Nothegger, who lives in Germany but is originally from Scotland, spotted the top while she was out shopping in Würzburg, Bavaria, on Monday.

Scots went wild for the hilarious t-shirt bungle

The 45-year-old translator and copywriter posted the picture to Twitter with the caption: “Spent ages wondering who Wee Ken D could be.”

The hilarious photograph shows a white mannequin with a black and white striped top placed over it’s shoulders.

However, the white top the mannequin is dressed in has broken up the word “weekend” into three lines – making it read “wee, ken, d”.

The post now has over 20,000 likes and over 3,300 retweets since it was uploaded on Monday.

Lynn joked in the comments that she “stood there for ages” after she spotted the hilarious top.

After the post went viral, Lynn shared a round-up of the top suggested Ken’s.

She wrote: “Thanks for the suggestions. Our potential Kens are currently; Ken Dodd, Kenny Dalglish and Ken Bruce spelled incorrectly.”

And social media users were quick to share their theories on the mysterious “Wee Ken D”.

Andy the Photo Dr wrote: “Wee Kenny Dalglish, Wee Ken Dodd just for starters.”

Many users suggested “Wee Ken D” could be comedian Ken Dodd

Wendy Andrews added: “Kenny Dalglish seems like he might be quite little. Maybe it’s him.”

James Bottrill commented: “Former Irish Snooker player Ken Doherty isn’t the tallest of chaps.”

Eric at Random joked: “Barbie’s Ken doesn’t even have a wee one.”

Alexander Rooksmorr said: “Sounds like someone from the Gorbals. I can see Wee Ken D asking for a pint of heavy.”

Tim Brannigan added: “Scottish rapper.”

Alison XD joked: “He lived in Inverness. He sells Scotch Mist to Americans.”

While Susan Sellar said simply: “Son of Big Ken D.”

Lynn said she stared at it for “ages” when she came across the t-shirt in a German shop

Others added that they had made similar mistakes with different words.

Sue Turner wrote: “I did the same with a LEG END tshirt.”

While Councillor Darren Taylor, a Conservative councillor in Fife, added: “This has genuinely made my night. Totally hilarious. Reminds me of a time I saw ‘physio the rapist’ on a staff members t-shirt at the gym.”

In April this year a teenage boy accidentally went to elementary school wearing a rude t-shirt – which his mum thought was the McDonald’s logo.

Shelly McCullar, from Texas, US, posted the picture of her son Anthony wearing the mortifying top.

The t-shirt features a pair of woman’s legs which resemble the golden arches of McDonald’s – along with the catchphrase “I’m lovin’ it”.


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