Still Game’s Gavin Mitchell says “goodpie” to beloved character with apt photo


STILL GAME’S Gavin Mitchell has shared an emotional “goodpie” to his beloved character Boaby by posting an apt image on Twitter.

The Scottish actor, famous for his exceptional mullet and horrific pie-making skills, posted an image of a “cremated pie” that he left in his oven yesterday (thur).

As a salute to the Clansman pub where his character worked as a barman, Mitchell shared the image after filming his last scene on the hit TV show.

Alongside the post to his 40,000 Twitter fan, the 53-year-old wrote: “I went to work today and left this in the oven…

Boaby was renowned for his awful pies

“Just home hours later to find a cremated pie! Kind of apt on my last day. Bye Boabby!”

The image was particularly fitting as Boaby is famous for his horrific pies and terrible patter.

The photo shows an untouched pie which had been in the oven since Mitchell left for work.

Gavin Mitchell filmed his last scene as the iconic barman

The pie is clearly burnt with a mix of black and dark brown crusts on display as the appetising treats sits on a plate.

Fans of the show came out in their droves to respond to the picture in true Still Game style.

Davebrown555 said: “What you want is a Thermalite 360, no cold spots and an infra-red grill for a crunchy tap. £59.99. Hyperdales.”

RichardOcelot added: “He who move with lethargy eateth not a pie for tea.”

Cemetergirl13 posted: “I bet it’s still frozen in the middle.”

Social media was quick to tease Mitchell

Mudhooks concurred: “Was it in true Boaby style, still frozen in the middle?”

Drinkywhiskers7 said: “No wonder the boys kept sneaking in beefy bakes!”

However, some thanked Gavin for his work on the show.

GrassrootsGord1 said: “You and the gang will be so sadly missed, when I’m withdrawn, I will need to get the DVD out”

DebbieS10872122 added: “Thank you for making millions of people happy with Still Game. You will be missed incredibly so.”

They were also thankful for his contribution on the show

Earlier yesterday evening Mitchell posted another photo on Twitter of Boaby’s trademark bling.

The image shows his character’s tacky gold necklace, watch and ring lying on a marble top.

He wrote: “Bye bye Boabby! Bye bye Bling!”

The last series of Still Game is out later this year

Boaby the barman has been a reoccurring character in the popular comedy since the first episode of Still Game in 2002.

The programme has entertained millions as it signs off with it its ninth series later this year.