Barman baffles internet with sneaky “find the 20p coin” puzzle


A BARMAN’S brilliant coin puzzle has baffled the internet as users struggle to find a hidden 20p piece.

Matthew James Beach, from Rhyl, Wales, decided to wind up his friends by spreading out a selection of silver and copper coins on a tray – and asking them to spot the 20p.

Hilariously, the bar supervisor had hidden the coin in the corner of the picture – underneath a glass and just out of view of the tray.

The 22-year-old said he had the idea during a shift at the Bodelwyddan Castle Hotel in North Wales.

He said he hoped to “confuse” his friends and didn’t expect it to get as much attention as it has – with over 8,000 shares.

Social media users were baffled by the post, with many dubbing it “bloody hard” – while others gave up and found the answer in the comments.

Matthew posted the picture to Facebook with the caption: “Spot the 20p.”

Spot the 20p

The hilarious picture attracted over 4,000 comments since it was posted on Saturday. (SEP 8)

The photograph shows a black circular tray scattered with coppers, five pence and 10 pence coins.

Although users scoured the tray to find the 20 pence coin – with many struggling to find it – it isn’t in the tray.

Instead, the 20 pence is sneakily hidden underneath a bottle at the top right hand corner of the picture.

Social media users were suitably baffled.

Hollie Davis wrote: “I saw this earlier and had to cheat because it was bugging me.”

Shane Timms joked:”There’s more than 20p there.”

James Devai asked: “Was it only me who was looking for a good 10 minutes?”

Dylan Roberts said: “There isn’t one?”

Courtney Moore concurred, writing: “Don’t. I can’t see it.”

Michael Partridge commented: “See it. Bloody hard though.”

Sarah Jayne Davies added: “It makes my eyes go weird. The coins go like 20p’s.”

Clodagh Lamb (corr) commented: “The more I look for it the more every coin turns into a 20p.”

Speaking today, Matthew said: “I decided to put the picture together to try and annoy my mates. I thought it would be a laugh to try and confuse them as the first instinct is to look at the tray of coins.

“I didn’t expect it to get as much attention as it has got to be honest but I’m glad others found it as amusing as I did.”

In August this year, a puzzle which asked people to find a tutu in amongst 300 slices of watermelon boggled the internet.

The tough puzzle, created by UK site Dancewear Central, showed the slices of fruit against a pink background – making the tutu near impossible to spot.

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