EasyJet blasted for “ridiculous” messaging service which constantly says “it doesn’t understand”


EASYJET have been getting ridiculed online for their “ridiculous” messaging service which constantly replies to customers saying it “doesn’t understand”.

Furious users said that no matter what questions they put to the automated messenger service on Facebook, they always got the same unhelpful response.

The airline are currently trialing out a new service called Obot which is supposed to deal with customer enquiries.

However, over the last few weeks, several unhappy commuters have expressed their anger after continually getting messages telling them to rephrase their queries differently.

One of the messages that frequently appear from EasyJet’s “Obot” service says: “I’m sorry. I’m still learning and unfortunately I don’t know what you want just yet. Please try again soon.”

Another states: “Sorry, I don’t understand what that means. Try telling me a different way.”

Danielle Freeman was one of the disgruntled customers who took to social media to express her anger.

Danielle Freeman expressed her frustration with the automated service

On Monday she posted screenshots of the conversation where she asks for an update about her complaint and receives the automated messages.

In a lengthy post she outlined her frustration telling EasyJet to “sort it out.”

She said: “Loving Easjet state of the art Webchat facility here. Ignore all problems and they will go away, genius.

“Emails go into a black hole, received one response from about 20, three hours on the phone and still haven’t received the majority of my £1000+ claimback.

“You have the worst complaints infrastructure I have ever seen.”

Another angry customer, Shola Penfield, has also had problems with the service.

Shola Penfield also had issues with Easyjet’s ‘Obot’ service

She said: “Can I actually speak to a person please? This is ridiculous.”

Sara Livaja has also had problems with the automated service after trying to lodge a complaint.

She said: “I know my English is not perfect, but really?”

“Seriously, how can I get my compensation?

“You get all the forms, confirmations, everything you wanted from me, but money is still not on my bank account and not one response to my emails”

Other screenshots from the messaging service show how Obot was asked “what is the maximum size of bag allowed in the cabin” and when asked “what is the baggage allowance on your flights,” it replied with “Sure I’d be happy to check on a flight for you.”

However, when asked for flight status and booking information, it was able to carry out these functions.

Easyjet say that the messaging service is still going through a trialing stage and that the majority of enquiries had been appropriately dealt with.

Easyjet have defended their messenger service saying the majority of customer enquiries were resolved

A spokesman for the airline today said: “We are currently trialling Obot, our automated messaging service on Facebook Messenger.

“Our data shows that 83% of customer enquiries with Obot have been satisfactorily resolved and the number of ‘Sorry we didn’t understand’ is continually dropping.

“We are sorry that a small number of customer queries aren’t able to be answered however at every stage customers also have the option to ‘speak to an agent’ or use our live chat system if they are unable to get the answer they need so this is one of many options.”