“I didn’t know you were Welsh” Hilarity as Bowie’s director son attempts Aberdonian accent


DAVID Bowie’s film director son has caused hilarity with his attempt at a Scottish accent in a Twitter post.

Duncan Jones, whose credits include Source Code and Warcraft: The Beginning, talks in the video about the differences between comics and film.

Jones, who had a nanny from Aberdeen, attempts an Aberdonian accents as he says: “In comics there is nae compulsion to explain, tae fit an origin arc, tae assume the orient is starting fae zero knowledge.

Duncan Jones’s Scottish accent did not impress Twitter users

“There is skill in rolling recap with comics where in film there convention in assuming zero knowledge fae the orients and drapping in knowledge just tae please.”

The 47-year-old pauses for a second before going back to his native English accent saying: “What an excellent tweet.”

He tweeted afterwards: “Devastated I ruined my “rolling” in “rolling recap” there.”

But many viewers though that was the least of Jones’ troubles with the accent.

@kitty_Killer said: “Your Scottish accent needs much improvement.”

Duncan replied to the comments saying “get tae f***” and “That’s just evil.”

Prompting a response from Duncan saying: “Get teh’ F***.”

@DreddUniverse, added: Wait, you were doing a Scottish accent?”

@ManutdMrs posted: “I didn’t know you were Welsh”.

@footballchat_ commented: “Is that with Dundee accent too?