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NewsHome owner posts bizarre video of his "haunted" dog

Home owner posts bizarre video of his “haunted” dog

A DOG owner has posted video which shows his pooch being spooked by ghostly goings on in the middle of the night.

The footage shows JJ bolt upright in his bed as strange noises can be heard in the background and an “orb” arcs across the screen.

The Staffordshire bull terrier sometimes refuses to sleep in his bedroom and will cower in the hall so owner Gary James Park set up the camera to watch over him.

After capturing the strange footage, Gary, 30, from Widnes, Cheshire, says he wants a spiritualist to come out and check his home.

He and JJ, 12, live in a £145,000 property that Gary bought brand-new just 18 months ago. The home is on the site of an old sorting depot with no reports of deaths, according to Gary.

The route planner at a chauffeur company posted his video to social media with the caption: “So JJ sometimes gets scared and won’t sleep in his bedroom.

“I wondered why so I put a memory card in his doggy camera then looked back at it on Monday night.”

In the clip, JJ can be seen ruffling a duvet in an attempt to put it in a more comfortable position.

His pushes the duvet to one side before he starts to scratch it trying to pull it back.

The 12-year-old dog finally finds a comfortable position where he is seen sitting down and weird growling noise is heard in the background.

JJ is then seen pricking his ears and turns his head to the side and a subdued voice can be heard saying what may be the word “out”.

White “orbs” can just be seen floating around the dog.

The footage shows JJ bolt upright in his bed as strange noises can be heard in the background and an “orb” arcs across the screen.

He then slightly ducks his head and his ears go back into a defensive position as if it is trying to find the cause of the strange noise.

The white orbs soon disappear after the weird noise has left the room and JJ then makes a slight whimper before he goes back to fixing his bed.

Speaking today(Mon), Gary said: “For a few months on some nights JJ would get scared and not sleep in his room.

“On Monday September 3 he got scared and wouldn’t sleep in his room so the next day I looked back and just as he got scared there was a bang in his room. I didn’t think anything of it as it could have been anything.

“Last Monday, I had just gone to bed when I heard JJ get up again so the next day I watched the video back and heard the voice. My heart nearly stopped when I heard it.

“I’ve tried everything to figure out what it was without success, I have checked the exterior CCTV and no one was walking past, there were no windows open and it isn’t adjoined to any houses.

“ I have noticed every time I look back when something has happened there has always been those white orb things flying around.

“On nights when nothing has happened there are no orbs, the room is completely clear.

“I was thinking about sleeping in the room but I’m already freaked out enough.”

Gary was told by someone who saw the video the orbs that can be seen floating around him are good orbs that are protecting him.

He added: “I am trying to find someone who does spiritual readings to come round and give a reading.

“I’m not going to mention anything first to see if anything is said about it.

“I don’t know about getting it blessed. I don’t know if I believe in ghosts, I’m 50/50 on it.

Many people have commented on Gary’s post discussing the video and offering advice.

One user said: “Get someone in to bless your house. I would. I do believe there is another world.”

Another commented: “Omg poor JJ. I would never let him sleep on his own again. What the f*** was that?

Someone else posted: “You can actually see the orbs that a floating round on that recording. Lots of amazing white ones.”

Another said: “That is so freaky. It sounds like “out”.. definitely get someone in. I would have moved out there and then.”

One user commented: “Dogs sense spirits hope you get it sorted”

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