Monday, August 8, 2022
News"A little close for comfort!" Woman films moment Storm Ali blows over...

“A little close for comfort!” Woman films moment Storm Ali blows over 30ft tree

DRAMATIC footage captured the moment a 30 ft high tree was blown over by 70 mph gusts from Storm Ali.

Morag Burton, from Dumfries, captured the terrifying moment as the tree made a massive “crack” and collapsed into the River Nith.

The canine hydrotherapist had been trying to move a campervan parked outside of her business Solway Canine Hydrotherapy.

The 44-year-old was looking for a spare key to move the van out of the way and was standing beside the tree when she heard the crack – and had to run back to safety.

Emergency services in Dumfries and Galloway have declared a major incident due to the destruction caused by Storm Ali.

Morag posted the terrifying clip to Facebook with the caption: “A little close for comfort.

“I was just trying to find a way to move our friend’s van when I heard a large crack, ran back from the trees just in time to catch this.

“Stay safe folks. All I hear is sirens.”

The footage begins with a visible crack running right up the middle of the tree as the fierce winds can be heard.

The large crack can be seen running up the centre of the tree before it makes a loud cracking noise and collapses into the river.

Speaking today, Morag said: “It’s the car park at Market Square opposite my canine hydrotherapy centre. A neighbouring business had asked if I could get in touch with the owner of the van.

The tree made a loud crack before collapsing into the river

“I spoke to the owner and I then went out to see if I could find a spare key that was hidden in the van, but I kept hearing cracking and would step back several times.

“Needless to say I gave up looking for the key. I heard a loud crack and ran back out the way.

“Then I saw the crack up the tree trunk and got the phone out just in time.

“Right along that little stretch of riverside has had branches come down all day so it’s quite scary.

Morag said she was “pretty shaky” after the incident

“I was pretty shaky after I got the video, glad the wind was blowing the direction it was out it could have been a much worse outcome.”

Gusts in Glasgow are estimated to be between 60 and 75 mph, with gusts of 102.2mph recorded across the Tay Road Bridge.

Parents in Dumfries and Galloway were told children can’t walk home as the strong gusts surge across the country.

Dumfries and Galloway declared a major incident this afternoon, with teachers staying behind until 5pm to ensure students get home safe.

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