Snapper’s stunning shot shows Storm Ali roll into Scotland


A SCOTS photographer captured the moment Storm Ali rolled in with a stunning display of lightning.

Nick Edgington, 48, from Oban captured the spectacular image above his home town shortly after midnight today (wed).

The picture shows forked lightning streak across the skies, revealing the port town below.

Storm Ali rolled in with a stunning display of lightning in the Western Highlands (C)Nick Edgington

Nick captioned the image: “The start of Storm Ali has arrived on the west coast of Scotland.”

He added: “I took this around midnight as the storm rolled across Oban bay and headed inland towards the Highlands. It was a pretty spectacular sight.

“I couldn’t believe I got to capture forked lightning directly over McCaig’s Tower and the Little Bay.

“Stay safe outside everyone – it could get a wee bit breezy.”

The storm is expected gusts of up to 80mph across Scotland and northern England, putting lives at risk and disrupting travel.

On social media, Evril Spencer, reacted: “Great shot. It was wild near Grantown on Spey, Highlands. A thunderstorm with lightning, hail, crazy wind and rain. It was much calmer this morning.”

Craig Watt, posted: “Freaking jaw dropping.”

Di Hamilton, wrote: “What an amazing picture. Wow.”

Kris Kirker added: “It was amazing in Crieff. I stood in awe as the bolts shot across the sky lighting the hills.”