£35k “whale penis” sculpture to be removed, confirms creator David Mach


A “WHALE penis” sculpture which cost £35,000 and caused huge controversy with local residents is to be removed.

The “phantom” was designed by world-renowned Scottish artist David Mach and was created to welcome folk to Kirkcaldy, Fife.

However, critics described the statue as looking similar to a whale phallus. Matters were made worse when the creation quickly started to show signs of decay.

The 30ft sculpture has had to be fenced off amid fears that it was becoming a danger to public safety.

David Mach confirmed the sculpture will be removed

David today confirmed that he would fund a completely new sculpture for the site out of his own pocket.

He confirmed that after recently visiting what he himself calls his “ugliest” sculpture he had decided to scrap it.

He said: “The weather is too tough for it, it’s just not managing.

“It’s a real thug of a thing. I thought the strength of it would have worked.

“But the bits want to break off themselves. I’ll try and salvage it myself.

“I’ll try and make it prettier.”

David, who originally comes from Methil, has said he wants to honour his contract with Morrisons and has started thinking of new ideas on how to replace it.

He added: “I’m always having to come up with ideas, I like what they’ve done with the sea wall.

The Scottish artist also said he would build another sculpture and fund it himself

“They’ve done a really good job of the it, it would be good to do something which would connected to that.

“I’m attached to the place and I’d like to make something for the people.”

One of the sculpture’s main detractors, Councillor Neil Crooks, who originally compared the figure to a whale penis, has welcomed David’s decision.

Speaking to the Fife Free Press, he said: “I spoke to David directly in recent days about the issue and I’d like to commend him for taking the decision to replace it, which can’t have been an easy one to make.

Local Councillor Neil Crooks welcomed the decision to remove the sculpture

“It has been well documented that I’m not a fan of the sculpture, and while in this case the physical make up of the art work has proven to have failed, I’m confident David, who is rightly respected throughout the art world ,will come up with a fitting solution.

“The Kirkcaldy waterfront has huge potential and the artist’s willingness to find a suitable alternative must be seen as a positive and possible trigger for further creativity in the area.”

The towering feature was commissioned by the local Morrisons supermarket for £35,000 in 2013 with the sculpture being erected two years later.

The design is made of driftwood and is supposed to represent waves, with numerous metal tacks to catch sunlight, however, some have claimed it looks like something completely different.

The 62-year-old sculptor, who has been nominated for the Turner Prize. is famous for work including the “Big Heids” on M8 near Glasgow and his “Out of order” red telephone boxes in Kingston Upon Thames, London.