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F5 101 certification exam – tips & tricks for passing


Digital literacy is the mere ability to use technology in the most reliable ways possible, resulting in proper navigation, evaluation and creation of information. Keeping this in mind, the ‘F5 networks’ has launched F5 certification program. This program is highly-sought after and offers services and solutions that are completely based on the Information Technology (IT) sector. The sole aim of this program is to help and ameliorate the process of deploying, supporting and manufacturing the needed products and services. If any candidate wishes to indulge in this astounding program, registration regarding the crucial five credentials system of management is necessary. After the registration, the candidate CollCollneeds to get hold of the study guide to prepare himself for the exam and experience this wonderful program through Pearson VUE. Also, a deep thought as to which certification program interests the candidate the most is required. The certification programs offered are highly versatile with F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator being the first one, followed by F5 Certified Technology Specialist which is the intermediate step,and lastly the F5 Certified Solution Expert.

The Scope of F5 Certification

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In a world where technology is rising at an alarming rate and globalization is exponentially increasing, there’s nothing better than a certification in technology. With F5 101 exam, the candidate gets to learn about the recent technological modifications as well as information technology-related aspects that help them in any area of certification. There’s believed to be an F5 related position almost everywhere, be it as network specialists or expert network engineer. Along with this, there have been reported opportunities in areas like systems engineer, architect and consultant, etc. You name it and the scope is vast in that field. Salaries offered are beyond amazing for all F5 certification holders, which is again an advantage, as money doesn’t buy you everything, but it’s always better to cry in a Lamborghini.

One of the most commendable companies has claimed to provide basic salaries as $115,000 for somebody who’s an expert in software like a software engineer, $110,000 for an engineer concerned with enterprise and above $148,000 in relation to Field Systems Engineer. Hence, knowledge of F5 101 program is something that every technology enthusiast should go for.

Popularity and Significance of the Program

The candidate must follow a series of sequential steps with dedication to earn F5 certification. First of all, the candidate has to pass two exams that are conducted by Pearson VUE which gives the position of F5 Certified administrator. You can move further to the post of F5 certified technology specialist with better working, understanding and dedication of the previously attained post. There are basic levels that the candidate must clear before reaching the top-notch position. Administrator, Specialist, Expert and Professional levels can be achieved sequentially if the person is willing to work hard for it. Also, if you’re thinking that it’ll be a big burden on your pocket, then you’re wrong. With over thousands of scopes and bright future, the certification program costs only $135 per exam which sums up to a total of $675, if all the exams are taken care of nicely.

Technology and its relation with F5 Certification

If you learn to handle technology in the right way, it possesses the power to provide you with anything you desire. With F5 certification, one can excel in every field of technology and IT sectors at any level, be it financial or behavioral. In order to become F5 certified, you need to pass a series of exams.

For every exam or certification, the basic prerequisite to clearing it is the resources. They show you the right way and the eminent path to excel in the certification. In a similar manner, even F5 certification has got several resources that are proved to be the best for such exams. The first and the foremost resource to be studied is the F5 101 Study Guide made for App Delivery Fundamentals Eric Mitchell predominantly the first version. The developer has applied all the knowledge of F5 certification for the betterment of the ones who pursue it. Every concept and details explained in the most efficient manner. The best part is that the resource is available for free online through particular links. Second resource that the candidates can consider apart from this one is F5 University where the actual facts, figures, details can be known innovatively by the people.

The former is believed to be the best one, as it is in a simpler language which is easy to understand and comprehend. Also, the technology freaks crave for logic and this resource has it all. It has been designed in the most logical ways possible. About F5 university resource, it is advised to consider this resource during the beginning, when you are unaware of the basic concepts of F5 certification and guides. After you get well-versed with the fundamentals, jump to the premier resource. By reading the above-mentioned resources, the candidate is sure to pass the certification with flying colors, if studied with concentration.

Fundamentals of the Program

The basic tips and tricks to clear the certification exams prove to be really beneficial in achieving goals. In the F5 certification, there are some minute things that the candidates must take care of. First of all, they need to get this clear that the AioTestking F5 101 VCE exam dumps and practice test question for the certification exam is based on networking fundamentals mostly, and this aspect isn’t easy to comprehend. A candidate can’t pass the certification if they ignore the TCP/IP concepts which are the backbone of any of F5 certifications.

In order to confuse or entertain the candidates, the questions present in the exam are all story-based. You read the story based on technology and then answer accordingly. If you’re one of those thinking the F5 guide wouldn’t really be used as such, then you’re completely wrong. There have been instances when aspirants cleared the certification just by thoroughly reading the F5 guide present online.

Reading boring IP topics is a pain and every candidate wishes to get rid of it. However, in the process getting rid of them, the candidates often miss the crucial concepts. CBT Nuggets videos are the ideal resource for such people finding difficulty in understanding the concepts of TCP/IP. The candidates must take care of the time while writing the exam.


Any candidate who is thorough with the basic networking concepts and aspects can easily clear F5 101 certification. Every person interested in the Information technology sector must apply for this appealing certification, ideal for a reliable, commendable and astonishing employment.