Moment Scot’s garden appears to “breathe” as it’s blasted by Storm Ali


BIZARRE footage shows the moment a Scot’s garden appeared to “breathe” as it was blasted by Storm Ali.

Liz Reid filmed as her garden path and surrounding grass regularly lifted and fell as the wind gusted.

The weird effect was caused by the roots of a nearby tree straining against the storm. Eventually Storm Ali proves too much and the tree topples over, crushing a section of fence.

Filmed in Drongan, Ayrshire, the clip begins with the garden slabs visibly moving up and down.

Liz Reid’s garden slabs appeared to “breathe”

Throughout the clip, the tree which can be seen in the left hand corner looks like its about to give way.

Towards the end, laughter can be heard amongst the strong gale winds as they seem to realise what’s about to happen

Suddenly, the tree finally loses out to Storm Ali and comes tumbling down onto the neighbour’s fence.

Liz filmed the footage and posted it onto Facebook with the caption: “Aaaaaand … it’s gone.”

She posted the action as two separate videos with both having a combined total of more than 134,000 views.

The tree eventually lost out, crashing into the garden fence

Her post has almost 700 shares and multiple comments from stunned Facebook users.

Emma Hunter said: “Omg Liz! Jesus.”

Linda Hendry said: “Omg Liz, glad you weren’t going down the path at the time.”

Louise McLean commented: “Holy S*.”

Christine Brennan said: “That is scary Liz.”

On one of the Facebook pages the video was re-shared on, one viewer spotted how the tree looked like it was alive.

The video received more than 134,000 views

Hazel Stephen said: “Looks like the tree breathing with grass rising!”

Speaking today, Liz said that she had just come in, moments before the slabs began to start moving in the air.

She said: “Just couldn’t believe it my husband had just went along the street to collect our wheelie bin and noticed it when he came back.

“ [The bin] had blown to other end of the street.”