Amazing footage captures 4th of July style fireworks display – from exploding faulty power lines


AMAZING footage captured the moment faulty power lines resulted in a 4th of July style fireworks display.

The clips shows electricity shooting sparks along the length of the lines while crackling sounds thunder throughout the wires in Canvey Island, Essex.

The incident was believed to be caused by a chain reaction of high winds, local building works and migrating Starlings.

Around 400 residents lost power for an hour after the sparks went off for several minutes.

One video, captured by local resident Chas Haase, shows the power lines sparking fiercely above the quiet street.

Booms and bangs can be heard rampaging across the power lines as people can be heard screaming and laughing in amazement.

The sparks are accompanied by large blue flashes that appear like fireworks.

The power lines are shake vigorously as the relentless sparks engulf the street.

Sparks fly on to neighbouring cars as Chas takes refuge under his porch and shouts: “that’s f***ing unreal that is.”

Lights from residents houses can be seen flashing on and off throughout the clip.

Another video, captured by Alex Gowing Cumber, who also lives on one of the streets affected, filmed a series of loud bangs and sparks flying from the power lines.

The loud bangs continued to echo through the street as Alex takes cover behind a car watching on.

Other residents can be heard in the video stunned by what they are witnessing.

The power lines can be seen crashing into each other causing the sparks which descended down on to cars and houses nearby.

Alex, an art therapist and priest at the St. Nicholas Church in South Ockendon was amazed by what he saw.

The 46-year-old said: “I was just winding down early evening when I thought I could see fireworks.

“I wondered if it was the house opposite as they had started building work yesterday morning, and wondered if they were letting off fireworks to celebrate.

“Then pulling back the curtains I witnessed a longer version of what you see in the video.”

“My road is half bungalows so mostly disabled people and elderly people.

“For example I have spastic paraplegia and my neighbour has one leg. So I need power to achieve everything as I use a hoist to move from wheelchair to bed and to do care stuff.

“If the power had stayed off for longer we would have evacuated to their to meet my care needs.”

“So we were all thinking back up plans a little beyond candles.

“People were working out how their gas worked but they needed matches to light it. Neighbours from other streets got thermos flasks of hot water.

“People in the street were mostly shaken. And those of us who were in the taped off danger zone, well that seemed to be psychologically interesting.

“There is an old black and white film called ‘Passport to Pimlico’ it reminded a couple of us of that.

“Seeing all of that take place is quite disturbing. I’d also say that it’s disturbing how many poorer and remote places have over head cables with no sleeves over them.”

Alex believes this unprecedented incident came from a chain reaction of events.

Alex added: “So three events met, very stormy winds, neighbours starting building work and 100’s of migrating starlings landing on the power lines.

“The only thing I’ve seen like this before is on fireworks night.”

A spokesperson from the UK Power Networks said: “UK Power Networks were called to the Nevada Road area of Canvey Island this evening by emergency services due to reports of damage to the overhead electricity network.

“To enable our engineers to safely repair equipment, we had to temporarily interrupt power to approximately 400 customers at about 6.30pm and their power was restored by 7:40pm.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.”