Wednesday, June 29, 2022
NewsStunning footage shows golden retrievers playing fetch - underwater

Stunning footage shows golden retrievers playing fetch – underwater

STUNNING video shows a pair of intrepid golden retrievers playing fetch – underwater.

The dogs, from Kumamoto, Japan, swim down to fetch a heavy brick while fish swim freely around them.

The footage, posted to Instagram by user akikoujill, shows two golden retriever dogs, Jill and Lotta, and their diving escapades.

With more than 20,000 Instagram followers, Jill and Lotta have been captured undertaking a variety of adventures.

They can be seen diving in clear blue lagoons for objects, riding atop surfboards together, and happily posing for the camera at any given opportunity.

Jill and Lotta from Japan have more than 20,000 followers on Instagram

Video clearly shows the dogs diving more than double their length in clear blue water to fetch a brick with fish swimming around them in beautiful surroundings.

The first clip shows one of the dogs attempt to fetch a brick underwater, trying to bite down but failing to grasp it fully, while the other retriever sits atop some rocks cleaning itself.

The golden retriever again dives down, twisting and turning before this time managing to find the brick and take it back up to the surface in an amazing feat of dexterity.

Video shows the dog being able to fetch the brick from underwater

The video shows the dogs achieve the feat twice more.

Instagram users have been equally impressed.

Ria_zhang wrote: “Wet and happy.”

Stacsf said: “I love this diving dawg.”

Morenoabiiiii commented simply: “Amazing.”

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