Saturday, August 13, 2022
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“Ninja” big sister trolled after viral video shows her squishing spider to protect brother

A “NINJA” big sister has been trolled after graphic video showed her squishing a massive spider to protect her arachnophobic brother.

Raquel Hamilton’s brutal termination of the spider has been viewed almost one million times since it was posted online.

Most viewers have praised Raquel’s, 26, fearless and decisive action but a significant minority accused her of needless cruelty, with one even calling her a “horrible c***”.

The clip was posted by Cameron Pert, 23, from County Armagh in Northern Ireland, who has a fear of spiders.

He wrote in a caption above the video: “She’s going to kill me but it needs shared with the world.

“I have the biggest phobia of spiders and this monster was on my kitchen wall.

“Lucky I had my ninja sister.

“You see, ‘She travels like a gypsy in the night’.”

The clip begins with Raquel appearing to sing into the Amazon Alexa device with passion and confidence – using it as a microphone.

With her other hand she looks to be holding a drink.

The song by Alice Merton plays loudly on speakers as the gigantic spider is visible on the green wall.

Cameron can be seen briefly pointing towards it, saying: “Holy f***.”

The song continues to play and without hesitation, a hand which is Raquel’s comes flying into view and promptly squashes the arachnid.

Cameron says: “Don’t…” but at this point it is already too late, and Raquel has killed the creature, leaving it squished on the wall.

She puts two fingers up to the spider’s mangled corpse stuck to the wall, and resumes her performance, not missing a beat.

Raquel then puts her hand over the spider, covering it from view, while continuing to sing with the passion and fervour of her performance before the spider interrupted her.

On social media, NIcky Heeley wrote: “She’s savage.”

Sarah O Brien said: “How brutal.”

Frank Gray commented: “How dare she kill that innocent little thing?”

Adam Thomas wrote: “Harsh though.”

Kirsty Walker said: “Brutal.”

Joshua McCarthy commented: “Horrible c***.”

But not all were as affected, with most finding Raquel’s actions brave and even funny, and many reacting with laughing emojis.

Lauren Davies wrote: “Absolute lunatic.”

Roreen O’Connor Foster commented: “I wouldn’t have killed it. But it’s funny.”

Speaking yesterday (Thu), Cameron said: “She came to my house for a glass of wine. Maybe a few.

“Then we decided to go to town and had a great night just us two.

“When we came home we were listening to some music on the amazing Alexa and I was just snapchatting her acting silly and singing.

Brother and sister, Cameron and Raquel, boozing before the spider squishing incident

“That’s when I spotted the spider.

“I completely froze and nearly had heart failure.

“Then like you see in the video she came to my rescue.”

Defending his big sister, he added: “She has always looked out for me.

“She has always backed me up throughout life.

“We fight like cat and dog half the time but sure that’s sibling rivalry.

“She’s a very strong independent woman.

“We are a both a force when we are together.”

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