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The hardcore shoulder: naked man filmed with blow up doll next to M1

AN amazing video shows a naked man appearing to get intimate with a blow up doll next to one of Britain’s busiest motorways.

The jaw-dropping incident shows the man standing behind the doll next to a crash barrier on the M1.

The incident, near Northampton, was captured on the dashcam of a HGV on Wednesday 19th of September at 11:10am.

The naked man was believed to be standing at the end of the slip road from Northampton Roadchef services at junction 15a of the M1 motorway heading Northbound.

The driver who the HGV who wishes to be anonymous said: “Some people have very strange hobbies and fetishes”.

The bizarre footage shows the HGV on the M1 Northbound with the slip road to its left.

As the slip road begins to end a bright peachy figure can be seen behind the crash barrier.

Upon closer inspection and in slow motion it is clear that this a naked man.

The naked man also appears to be holding a blow doll balanced on the crash barrier.

The blow up doll is facing away from the man towards the busy M1 traffic.

The blow up doll is in a crouching position on the crash barrier, whilst the naked man stands behind it.

The video, obtained by road safety website SWD Media, has got many people talking on social media.

The man was captured on dashcam by a HGV

David Blair said: “Hahahahaha roadside fun”.

Burt Burlington Burty added: “It will be on Pornhub later”.

Chris Doe concurred: “That’s the HARD shoulder”.

Mike Sandland added: “We all have our fetish. Some stranger than others.”

It appears a naked man is holding a blow up doll behind a crash barrier

It’s not the first time motorists have been exposed to naked men on the motorway.

Drivers on the A1 south slip road from Barnby Moor near Retford, Nottinghamshire found a naked man hidden behind some trees by his car.

The naked man was caught glancing over his shoulder as he raced back to his car in April 2018.

The incident happened on the M1

A spokeswoman from Northamptonshire Police said: “Police officers were called to a location near junction 15a of the M1 on Wednesday, September 19, at 12.15pm to reports of a man behaving inappropriately at the side of the road.

“When officers arrived at the scene and carried out a search, the man had left the area and no further incidents were reported to us.”

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