Microwave mystery solved as woman admits to owning a very strange post box


A MICROWAVE mystery has been solved after a woman came forward to admit to owning what may be Scotland’s strangest letterbox.

A picture taken in rural Moray shows the microwave perched on two posts and strapped tightly in place with rope.

On social media, the image sparked fevered speculation that the machine was connected to the electric fence and being used to make al fresco cheese toasties.

But the puzzle was solved when the owner of the microwave went online to confirm that the machine makes a safe, dry place for her mail.

‘Scotland’s strangest letterbox’ was found in Moray

Book keeper Bev Macleod was completing an 18 mile trek for children’s charities when she found the microwave tied down to a post near Dufftown.

Bev, 54, from Garmouth, Moray, wrote: “Found this on a side road…looked like it was hooked up to the electric fence”.

Sarah Hunter responded: “You’ll never know. There could be someone who is desperate for a cheese toastie in the countryside”.

Chris Tunnah took a more scientific tack, writing: “Faraday cage to put your mobile phone in in the case of a nuclear attack”.

Ronnie Hodes joked: “There was a guy running round Scotland carrying a microwave for charity.

One Facebook user joked: “There could be someone who is desperate for a cheese toastie in the countryside”.

“He might be in the bushes for a p***”.

Mòrag A MacNeil came close to the truth writing: “Hotmail”.

Eventually Hazel Law confirmed it was hers.

Hazel wrote: “This is my post box, it keeps my post dry and also means during the winter months my postie can leave the mail when there is snow on the road, I live on the farm at the end of the road.

“It used to be at the bottom of the road but it disappeared a few months ago so we moved it further up”.

Bev said today: “We found it funny, we’d never seen anything like that before. It fairly brightened up our day.

“I thought someone might find it funny since we did. I’m glad to see a lot of folk out there still have a sense of humour.”

Using a microwave as a post box is relatively common in the Australian outback where many residents believe the machines give better protection from the elements and insects than conventional mail boxes.

Bev said she found the microwave on the fence hilarious