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NewsGlasgow cabbie's ropey rendition of Titanic theme song goes viral

Glasgow cabbie’s ropey rendition of Titanic theme song goes viral

A GLASGOW cabbie has gone viral with his hilariously ropey rendition of the theme song from the hit movie Titanic.

Karli Dineen and a pal were attempting to sing “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion as they were ferried home after a night out.

Karli filmed as the cabbie decided to show them how the song should really be sung, ordering: “Listen to me now. Tell me if I’m good or bad.”

The driver then sings the song in a quavering, reedy voice that while high on passion and emotion, and word perfect, leaves plenty to be desired in the pitch department.

The video has nonetheless proved a big hit on social media with over 27,000 views. Fans of the crooning cabbie reckon he’s ready for the X Factor.

Karli filmed the clip after a party in Shawlands, Glasgow, with her friend.

Karli, 17, was singing her version of the song when the taxi driver told her and Eilidh to listen to his rendition.

Karli stated it was the “best £11 I’ve ever spent”.

The taxi driver knew every word of the Titanic hit

The video starts with Karli and Eilidh singing the popular ballad before the taxi driver interrupts and said: “Listen to me now, tell me if I’m good or bad”.

Silence surrounds the taxi for a brief moment before the driver begins his solo.

Word for word and note for note the driver rivals the girls’ performance with his own monotoned version.

Karli and Eilidh were before gobsmacked by what they are hearing and remain silent throughout his song.

Karli appeared to be holding back the laughter as she filmed her own reaction in the dark.

The video has been viewed over 25,000 times as Karli posted: “me n Eilidh sang Celine Dion to the taxi driver and he sang it back to us ahahahaha best taxi journey home”.

Karli really enjoyed her journey home

Many people in the comments were in awe of the taxi driver.


BeccaMxoxoxo said: “He’s a bit shaky, but I definitely think he’s ready for X Factor”.

Ryanlobb1 added: “Ahahaha f*** genius this man”.

KieraWilson22 continued: “I’m howling”.

_Annamcintyre added: “Oh my f*** god I’m greeting”.

Lucyclarkson13 said: “Actual dead”.

Karli, a youth work trainee, had no idea of the voice the taxi driver was going to have.

Karli said: “me and my friend where coming home from a party and we were talking to him about what singers and songs we like. He then said Celine Dion.

“We asked what song did he like from her and he said the one from the movie and we started to sing it.

Karli (left) and Eilidh gave the cabbie a round of applause

He said how it was impressive how much we knew and then that we were to listen to him, and he started to sing.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest. We both kept saying your so good to him and gave him around of applause”.

Karli can’t quite believe the reaction she has had to her video on social media.

Karli added: “I was very shocked at the reaction of the amount of people who have seen it!”.

Glasgow taxi drivers have been known for their serenades. In April this year a Glasgow taxi driver sang to bride whilst taking her to the wedding.

The driver known as ‘John’ belted out ‘We’ve got tonight’ by Kenny Rodgers.

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