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Hilarious moment thrills and spills of roller coaster are enjoyed – by a bottle opener

A HILARIOUS video shows all the thrills and spills of a roller coaster ride being enjoyed – by a bottle opener.

Actor and comedian Sam Fletcher filmed the opener waving its “arms” about in response to video of a ride.

The rider – dubbed Mr Bottle Opener – rocks from side to side and bobs up and down with each twist and turn of the track.

Sam’s clip has rapidly proved a big hit online, getting more than one million views since it was posted on Monday.

The clip starts with Mr Bottle Opener riding the roller coaster as it travels up towards the precipice.

The roller coaster suddenly bursts into life and Mr Bottle Opener can been raising his arms up high imitating what people do on the thrill ride.

As the simulator twists and turns Mr Bottle Opener can be seen banking at the same time as the roller coaster whilst he is shaking his head in terror.

The video has had over one million views

Mr Bottle Opener can be heard rattling as rock music plays in the background. Cheers and screams can also be faintly heard.

The video comes to the end with Mr Bottle Opener reaching the climax of the roller coaster with his hands moving frantically and his head spinning round and round.

Sam, 31, from London, posted the video on twitter and said: “Mr Bottle Opener rides a roller coaster”.

Mr Bottle Opener with his hands in the air enjoying the ride

Many of his followers are loving Sam’s imagination.

TheSimonEvans said: “I love it. I hope he gets his own series”.

AlexEthers added: “Love it! Brightened my day up! Hard to resist Mr Happy!”.

KirkleyJo agreed: “He looks so happy!”.

Some people believe Mr Bottle Opener should become a TV star


VirginTraveler added: “Oh my god funniest thing I’ve seen all day!”.

AndyPoulton simply said: “That is pure genius”.

However some people called out Mr Bottle Opener as a fraud.

However, others regarded him as a fraud


Ibroome said: “Mr Bottle-Opener is a fraud. I put it to you that he did not ride a roller coaster and instead simulated the event in front of a TV with the aid of a human hand…despicable behaviour”.

Sam had been working on an idea like this for sometime, but had no idea it would go viral like it did.

Sam said: “I’ve been a stand-up comedian and comedy writer for 7 years.

Sam Fletcher was working on the idea of Mr Bottle Opener for a while

“This idea came about as my material sometimes works better on film than on stage – as I’ve found out in pretty painful ways – so this idea seemed perfect to film and pop on my social media.

“I had no idea it would get the reaction it has, especially with people saying how much it’s cheered them up. That’s all I do this for – to make people happy. And luckily this time all it took was a look about the cutlery draw”.

Sam has appeared in shows such as Shameless and Holby City and is also a comedy writer for Comic Relief and The Nightly Show.

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