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NewsHilarious moment woman on "kid's electric scooter" zooms along with city traffic

Hilarious moment woman on “kid’s electric scooter” zooms along with city traffic

HILARIOUS video shows a woman on an electric scooter waiting at traffic lights and surrounded by cars before zooming along city streets.

The clip, filmed in Glasgow, is accompanied by a commentary from amazed passengers in a following car.

DJ David Alexzander was on his way to work with his colleagues when the 34-year-old spotted the woman in Maryhill Road.

David from Balornock, Glasgow, says in the clip: “Can somebody please tell me what the f*** is going on here.

“Today in Maryhill area a grown woman on a scooter, as in a wee kid’s electric scooter, at a red light, and on the road.

“Wow, what next man? It’s definitely getting out of hand. This is Glasgow not Miami. On the funny side she was rapid”.

The video starts with David and his colleagues waiting at a set of red traffic lights watching a red electric scooter in front of them.

David cannot believe his eyes as he said: “honestly man what is Glasgow coming to?” whilst his mates chuckle in the background.

David was stunned to see the woman waiting at traffic lights on a scooter

One David’s colleagues quotes the famous city slogan “People make Glasgow”.

After a “head start” David and his colleagues travelling in the same way as the woman are amazed by how fast she is going.

David can be heard saying: “Woah, an electric scooter, we have seen it all now, she is actually going faster than us” as the scooter wizzes downhill under a bridge.

As they come to overtake the scooter which continues to now travel uphill at a rate of knots David says: “This is unbelievable, but believe it boys and girls you are witnessing Glasgow the future”.

The electric scooter was travelling just as fast as David

The video has been viewed over 97,000 times and has had hundreds of comments.

Carrie Graham said: “Oh my god I’m folded at this! I think I’m going to get the weans’ scooter out the shed and take it to work tomorrow.

“I need to share this. Made my night”.

Michelle Love added: “Oh my god I’m buckled I thought I had seen it all when a guy was out doing his pavement with a lawnmower, but this is good”.

The video has been viewed over 97,000 times

Nicky Jeffrey Wilson said: “Brilliant saves her legs getting tired peddling”.

Andy Whitehall continued: “Haha brilliant! The guy talking has been blown away by that lady”.

David said today: “I’ve never seen that before, I thought no way she is waiting on a scooter at a set of traffic lights.

“I just grabbed my phone and started filming”.

Electric scooters are not generally road legal as the government requires scooter owners to register the bikes with the DVLA.

However to pass the DVLA’s requirements a scooter must have three wheels and have brakes and lights.

Electric scooters are generally believed not to be road legal

A spokesman for Police Scotland said today the incident had not been reported to them and that they could not comment on whether the scooter’s use was illegal.

David added: “I think she is a danger to everyone else using the road.

“If she hits an obstacle on the road she could have endangered herself and other.

“And if there was a car coming the opposite direction and we had to swerve we could have knocked her off

“It is totally dangerous in my opinion”.

David Alexzander of Zander Nation is one of Glasgow’s top DJ’s who does gigs all across Europe and charity events for kids.

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